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My Opinion

During the World War II human rights, in particular of the inmates of concentration camps, were frequently violated. In this regard, Belmont wrote the report, Respect for Persons, Beneficence and Justice, analyzing the data breach and the basic principles of the treatment of the people. It is created as a reaction to previous human subject violations (e.g. Nuremberg Trials on human experimentation; Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment, etc.).

I believe that all of the principles of the Belmont report are important and complete each other. However, the principle of giving respect for the person is essential. When one respects the other man, he or she respects them despite their race, wealth, religion beliefs or their social class.

Analyzing the answers of my friends, I made an assumption that their views are similar to mine. I agree in most aspects with them. The first fellow student was talking about Tuskegee Syphilis Experiments, where harm was given to poor African American men who could not protect themselves. Nobody was taking care about their destiny. I agree that respect for the individual is an important factor, and humans should be related to as separate beings who can choose whether they want to take part in medical researches or not. Extra protection should be given to pregnant children, women, prisoners, etc.

My second friend was describing all the Belmont`s principles. I agree that researchers should attempt to maximize the benefits and eliminate the risks. The basic principle there is "Do no harm". Charity means striving to do good that goes beyond the simple duty. A striking example of the subjective attitude to certain segments of the population has a post-war period, when the Nazis were in power. Other example is related to the different ethnic groups in America in 19-20 century. Rich people were provided with the best quality of service. To summarize all of this, I think, Belmont principles are good guides for our nation.

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