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Comparing Government Relations and Public Relations

Government relations refer to the process of educating businesses and potential business persons on the legal matters affecting the business. It is the education offered to the public and businesses concerning various existing business regulations. The government has the role of educating businesses and industries about its processes and effects of legislation. Therefore, public relations refer to the processes of educating businesses important business and other laws and legislations affecting them (Seitel, 2007). Mostly, business persons are unaware of the things that can affect their businesses. Therefore, they are easily tricked by politicians and other malicious people about what they law says. Government relations are in place to ensure that such actions are combated. Government laws and legislations affect businesses. However, most businesses do not understand how the laws can affect them. It is difficult for the government to run a country where business people do not understand the laws affecting them. This is why public relations are put in place to ensure businesses understand complexities associated with running businesses. Making businesses understand what the law entails helps the government run the country with ease (Natasha, 2005).

On the other hand, public relations refer to the government or an organization to promote goodwill. This means that it is the process of ensuring that there exists good relationship between the organization and the public. Public relations can simply refer to the profession, art technique of promoting organizational goodwill (Rubel, 2007). Every organization desires to have a good relationship with the employees, shareholders, and most importantly the public. In this case, public relations are the actions taken to ensure that the organization coexists well with the public. The organization does everything possible to maintain a favourable relationship with the public. This is because it is not possible for an organization to survive without cooperation from the public. It is communication process that creates and maintains a good relationship between the public and the organization (Seitel, 2007).

There are several similarities between public relations and government relations. Firstly, both public relations and government relations are aimed at improving relationships. In addition, bit processes use communication as the bridge to a good relationship. Similar channels of communication such as news releases, ads, event publications, brochures and speeches are used to communicate to a targeted group. Government relations and public relations processes communicate information that will help maintain and create a favourable relationship. In public and government relationship, the relationships being cared for are crucial to the parties. Therefore, they have to be maintained if everything has to go well. Additionally, both public and government relations use education to achieve their target. In public relations, the public is educated on the importance of the organization, while in government relations; businesses are educated on the laws and legislation affecting them (Natasha, 2005).

Government relations and public relations differ in several issues. Firstly, government relations are aimed at educating the businesses and potential business person of the legal issues that face them. On the other hand, public relations are aimed at communicating to the public things that will promote goodwill for the organization. In this case, government relations is a process conducted by the government to help the businesses, while public relation processes are conducted by the business so that the business itself can benefit (Rubel, 2007). Unlike public relations that are positive communication to the people so that they can feel comfortable with the organization, government relations communicate legal issues that might not be positive to the business. Therefore, government relations use both positive and negative information to educate the businesses. For instance, government relations warn businesses that they will face the law if they do not have all the required documents of running. However, public relations only communicate positive things such as promotions, creation of recreation sites and reduced prices. This is done to befriend the public so that it can like the company (Stuart, 2012). 

The other difference between public relations and government relations is the means of communication.           Government relations educate businesses on legal matters that the business should know. Businesses have an obligation to get the information from government officials. However, public relations are persuasive. They use attractive methods that will persuade the public to listen or read. This is because public relations are aimed at creating a rapport that will allow the organization and the public to have a good relationship. The end result of the two relations is also different. In government relations, businesses understand what they are required to do by the law. They take appropriate measures to ensure that they are not closed down by the law. Nevertheless, public relations educate the public on the importance of the business to the community, and how the public benefits from the organization. This way, the community is comfortable with the operations of the business because they are psychologically aware of the positive impacts it has (Rubel, 2007).

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