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Company Analysis

Great Lakes Foods is a company that produces snacks. A recent shake-up has necessitated that I vacate the position of director of Research and Development to help the top-level management to choose a suitable replacement for the position, who will directly report to me. Three names, Alexa Smith, Kelsey Metts, and Thomas Santiago have been proposed to take up the position. They are equally matched as far as competence is concerned.

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I face the headache, not only of choosing my suitable replacement, but also of reflecting and acting on my personal development so that my subordinates do not surpass me, and, therefore, denied a chance to develop my personal and professional life.

In the paper, I have outlined the steps I will take to be in charge of my personal and professional development. I have elucidated and evaluated my skills and competencies, drawn up a plan for personal and professional development, and penned a reflection of my personal development against the goals of the organization. I have elaborated on how these skills can enable me to be confident enough to make the right choice from among the three.

Secondly, I have analyzed my ability to develop acquired interpersonal skills that will enable me to nurture my successor in the right way. I have also included a time-management strategy that will enable me to be the envy of my successor.

In addition, I have analyzed the dynamics of teamwork and explored alternative ways of completing tasks in a team. This would be instrumental for any leader, and especially a leader who would like to move to top-level management status. Finally, I have drawn up a strategy that would enable me to find a timely solution to the crisis that I currently face in terms of choosing my successor. In addition, I have spelled out the implications that this crisis will have on the Great Lakes Food Company. 

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