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Flexibility is the extent of movement of body joints and muscles. It varies from person to person depending on the muscle length and muscle joints.  Muscle exercises enhance flexibility, for example, stretching exercise may improve flexibility of a muscle. This paper elucidates the importance of flexibility to a person’s health, and the factors that limit or influence flexibility.

There are different factors that influence or limit muscle flexibility including; joint structure, age, gender, injuries, adipose tissue, temperature and activity levels.  Injuries make it hard to move different muscles and joints. These injuries may be on the skin, ligaments, tendons or joints that make it impossible to exercise the muscles. Injuries limit the body flexibility levels. Other limiting factors include increased levels of fat tissue in the body; uncoordinated joint movements causing reduced elasticity of the ligaments and the body tendons, and the lack of body exercises (Plowman, & Smith, 2011).

Age and gender influence body flexibility levels because they form stages of human life development. Age is critical in the level of exercising allowed for body flexibility. Unrestricted exercising may cause harm to joint muscles from over exercising. The exercises of young people should not affect their growth and development, but should complement these stages.  Gender is also a factor in determining the flexibility levels because of the muscle and bone structure of men and women. There are differences in muscle strength especially with masculinity and rigidity of men’s muscle. This makes them able to handle the extra pressure from exercising (Plowman, & Smith, 2011).

Flexibility is critical for improvements in human health. The exercising of body muscles help improves the general well-being of a person. It reduces some disorders that arise due to lack of movements such as, pressure ulcers. It also helps reduce the hazardous effects of accumulation adipose tissue in the body (Plowman, & Smith, 2011).

Achieving flexibility is through coordinated exercising. These exercises should involve each body ligament and muscle joints in a relative controlled manner. Proper care in exercising is critical to avoid tearing of body muscles and ligaments that may cause injury. Flexibility programs should have the different exercises for each gender, age bracket and for the different body parts. This helps a person chose the best movements depending on their preference of exercising.


Body exercises help improve the flexibility of a person. Flexibility and exercising are significant contributors to healthy living. Flexibility helps avoid many body disorders and diseases including pressure ulcers.

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