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Patient Brochure Analysis

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Overall analysis

The brochure is very good and has a title page which is blue and white in color. The topic of the brochure is written in big font on the cover of the brochure. It quickly tells the patient what the brochure is about. In the inside of the brochure the fonts are very legible. There is a heading on the top which gives good instruction to the patients. Then, other important initial text is also in bigger font. All fonts are legible. There are also photographs and illustrations. The contact numbers and other details have also been provided.


The Gunning-Fog Index for this brochure is 7.359. The number of major punctuation marks was 6. The number of words was 62. The number of 3+ syllable words was 5 (Gunning Fog Index, n.d.). Then, it is clear that the Gunning-Fog Index looks at punctuation marks. The number of words in each line and the number of long words per word. Then, it measures them through number of 3+ syllable words. This indicates that it is readable.

The SMOG (Simple Measure of Gobbledygook) formula looks at the readability of some text. It measures the text and then tells as to what is the grade of the reader who can easily read the text. It takes 10 words each from initial, middle, and last of the entire text and then calculates the grade of the reader (Readability Formulas, 2013a).

The Fry Graph is used to calculate the readability of a piece of writing. It calculates the level of grade, including primary and secondary and above, who can easily read the text. It requires selecting 100 word passages randomly and then calculating average number of sentences per 100 words and average number of syllables per 100 word. Then, the graph tells the reading  level (Readability Formulas, 2013b).

This brochure has been developed through Gunning-Fox Index. 

Buy custom Patient Brochure Analysis essay

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