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6 Vital Things to Know About How to Write a College Application

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Nowadays, American colleges accept a great number of international students who bring unique input into the campus life. However, if you’ve decided to go to university in America, you should start preparing in advance.

The first thing to do is to choose up to 5 colleges that will become your goals. Remember to contact their advisors who are there to answer your questions concerning the admission procedure. Be sure to take into consideration all requirements because they tend to vary from college to college. You might want to talk to other international students who can share some valuable experience.

1.       Holistic Admission while Going to Uni in America

Applying to college in America, you might encounter holistic approach to admission. Not only do colleges consider student’s grade, but they also pay great attention to other factors such as extracurricular activities, teacher recommendations or volunteer work. Thus, colleges aim to enroll those who can contribute to college life in different ways.

2.       Admission Test

The majority of American undergraduate programs require students to take SAT. Usually, certain requirements are mentioned in instructions. However, you should remember to register for SAT in advance.

3.       Advanced Placement

Being a participant of the AP Program enables you to skip college-level courses at university after you have successfully finished them in a high school. The acceptable score is from 3 to 5, but it varies in different institutions.

4.       Common Application

Widely known as Common App, it’s an online form of application accepted by almost all colleges. Generally, the application has a set number of questions, but different institutions include different essays. These peculiarities can be found on each college website.

5.       Level of English Proficiency

If English is not your native language, you will have to take an English Proficiency Exam to be able to go to university in America. One example of such examination is TOEFL, which requires registration in advance.

6.       Early Decision or Early Action

If you have already chosen only one university, you may consider applying for Early Decision or Early Action and know the results of your application shortly. However, take into account that Early Decision means that you must attend a certain college after you’ve been accepted. Early Action still gives you the freedom of choice.

Going to university in America requires a lot of preparation. You may encounter some difficulties but with proper planning and responsible attitude, you will definitely reach your goals.

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