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Winter Magic: Benefits of Travelling

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Why is travelling usually associated with summer? All your friends tell about sunny beaches and a warm sea. You can hardly remember any exciting stories about travelling in winter. The reason is that few people have enough courage to do this. The truth is, they’re not just braver than us, they’re smarter than us. Let’s see what the mystery of travelling in winter is.

Why should you try to travel in winter?

Because it’s cheaper. The hot season has its name for a good reason. You’ll be surprised to find out that the travel and hotel rates are much lower during the cold season. If you have already come up with winter holiday ideas, book your tickets at a ridiculous price.

Because you look trendy. Summer doesn’t offer you many opportunities to wear lot’s fashionable clothes. Your look is limited to a swimsuit and a sarong, because you’ll die from heat if your put on something else. On the other hand, in winter you have so much freedom to wear everything you like, adding gloves, scarves, hats, socks (or even two pairs of socks). These cozy details not only make your outfit trendy but also give you the awaited warmth.

Because you enjoy hot meals. Remember how hard is to eat in summer. Water, fruits, and ice-cream would be the biggest part of your daily food. Just imagine how delicious hot soup, roasted potatoes or grilled meat are in winter. Now I’m definitely hungry.

Because you can light up a fireplace. What can be more romantic! It doesn’t matter if you’re hiking or you have a fireplace at home. It feels so right and magical in winter. Sitting near it with a cup of hot tea or coffee and enjoying the moment of peace and joy create a wonderful atmosphere.

Because there is plenty of things to do in winter. You can go skiing, snowboarding, sledding, skating, playing snowballs, playing hockey in the open air, and so on. Should I proceed?

Because it snows. This one has it all.

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