Why Is Creative Writing Important?

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Why is creative writing important? For many students, it is quite obvious. First and foremost, they easily get bored when writing on some uninteresting topics and therefore are searching for some ways to make the paper at least somewhat creative. Second, a hint of creativity helps to make the time-consuming and tedious writing process a more enjoyable experience. By coming up with more exciting and engaging topics, you can turn your paper into a masterpiece. Besides, the best creative writing advice on how to make your piece of writing more reader-friendly is by using specific descriptive words and phrases that help to bring your characters or events descriptions into life. With such tips for creative writing, you will be able to make your flow of ideas more smooth and exciting to read. Besides, practicing such approach when writing papers will help you boost your own creativity.

Creative Writing Tips for Better Essays

  1. Draw your attention to some forgotten or veiled moment or event in history

    It is the processing of gathering and contemplating already existing (or long-forgotten) ideas to come up with something brand new. Therefore, seeking help from history is one of the best ways to derive some creativity for your paper. So, if you got an assignment to write a history paper, it does not necessarily need to be boring. Just go to the local library or conduct an extensive research online to reveal information about some forgotten historical moments. You might as well want to pick up a concrete topic and carry out research on some specific culture or a group of people and pay attention to the facts that were previously ignored.

  2. Choose a topic that makes you freak out

    When people define creative writing, they usually focus their attention on things that would most likely encourage or motivate others. However, creativity is not only about that. You can be equally creative when writing about something that has been always making you freak out. When teaching creative writing, many professors pay attention to the fact that creative writing does not necessarily have to make one excited or impressed but also flabbergasted or appalled. You may write about some worst experience you have had or some phobia, etc. Writing about such topic can bring some humor and irony to your essay, and thus make your readers listen in awe.

  3. Bring some new shades to the existing classic themes

    If you read some articles on how to teach creative writing, you will come across the advice of giving a new spin to the already popular topic. Even though there are many popular themes that are frequently chosen by many college students each year, you should be aware of the fact that you can breathe new life into one of them. A piece of creative writing help here would be to approach that well-known problem or aspect from a new perspective.

  4. Think of some interesting inspirational setting

    This tip is invaluable for creative writing stories. Whether your target readers will want to read the whole paper or not depends on the hook in the intro to creative writing. So, come up with some attention-grabbing setting, think of some secret or mystery that might be present in your essay, and move on! Make sure you develop your own creative writing formats and your personal style of writing stories.

Starting Creative Writing: Rules of Descriptions and Word Choice

To write a successful essay or a short story, you should be well aware of the creative writing trends of word choice and descriptions. Some of the rules are the following:

  1. Pay attention to how words sound throughout the text

    Sometimes you may appeal to the play of words within one page, paragraph or sentence. This is also another creative writing meaning – to play with what and how you write. The text should be appealing to the reader not only in paper but also when reading it aloud.

  2. Do not use clichés

    This is another creative writing challenge as many students think that it is perfectly OK to use some key phrases in writing. However, one of the central rules and principles how to get into creative writing is to avoid clichéd phrases. When you use words and phrases that have been used for such a long time that they lost their specific meaning and peculiarity, you bring no creativity to your work. Your readers will feel bored and annoyed when they come across such phrases.

  3. Use imagery

    Appeal to senses: use as many descriptive words and phrases as possible. Ensure that the even, situation or a person you are writing about literally comes alive in the eyes of your readers. Describe in detail how something feels, tastes, smells, looks like, etc. Bring more profound meaning to your topic. Use such literary devices as metaphors, epithets, similes, hyperbole, and others. They will surely help you add more sparkle to your story.

Be Creative When Describing the Story’s Characters

  1. Make sure the protagonist of your story has unique narrative voice

    Preferably, to make your creative writing story structure more memorable and striking, you should come up with a unique way of how your main character speaks, thinks, lives, etc. Even if your protagonist is an ordinary person, still you need to reveal something peculiar about him or her. With adequate descriptions, you can make your readers more aware of what voice tone or timbre he/ she has. This tip is invaluable especially if your story is a first-person narrative.

  2. Provide your main character with specific physical markers

    If you want your piece of writing to stand out of the crowd, then do the same with your protagonist. Make him/ her physically unique as well. Put focus on specific characteristics (facial expressions, body, etc.).All in all, the character should be memorable.

  3. Make it clear to your readers who your character is and what background he/ she has

    If your protagonist has some specific mission in the story, make sure you provide sufficient background information on why he/ she has reached this specific point in life. Provide more details about his/ her childhood or earlier years in general. Such backstories will arouse even more interest in your readers.

  4. Think of some special language your characters might speak

    No, that is not repetition of the first tip. Specialized language and the manner of speaking are different things. Here, we suggest that you introduce some kind of slang, language mix or vernacular. You may even create some words of some new, specific language.

How to Sparkle Your Creativity

  1. Do some meditation

    If you feel overworked and stressed-out, try some meditation to restore your mind-body balance. With the help of meditation, you will more easily relax and then concentrate on work. If you try guided meditation, you will delve deeper into a specific subject matter regarding your writing.

  2. Sleep well

    Ensure you get a sufficient amount of sleep to restore your energy after the working day. To be energetic and attentive during the day, try to get a 7-8 hour sleep every day. You should have good rest to ensure your brain is working properly.

  3. Distract your attention to music

    If you need a moment of relaxation or just feel the need to switch your attention from routine tasks, try listening to music. You may make music-breaks, when you listen for 1-2 compositions between the tasks or you may listen to some calm music in the background while working. All in all, music is the thing that you could draw inspiration from.

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