What is Identity Theft and How to Protect Oneself

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In some recent interviews that had been taken before the National Cyber Security Awareness Month, cyber security experts have defined identity theft as one of the greatest concerns of students who live in the campuses. Identity theft covers a lot of things, starting with hacking e-mail and social media accounts and ending with stealing bank account information.
According to the insurance company Travelers that gathers the information from decision makers from schools, universities and colleges in the USA, theft is the “greatest hazard” of college campuses. We offer you to read this comprehensive list of advice that will protect your information and your identity from being stolen.

Top 10 College Security Tips Against Identity Theft

1. Always keep your apartment door closed and locked, even when you are at home.
2. Computer safety tips are very important. Don’t share your login details from e-mail, social network profiles, online banking account, etc., with anyone.
3. Don’t post private information (date of birth, social security number, full residential address) on social media. Thieves often use this information to reaffirm identity.
4. Don’t use one password for all your accounts. Passwords that you are using shouldn’t relate to your personal information.
5. Don’t save PIN codes and passwords to important online outlets that you are using. Share your credit card data over the phone only with those whom you trust.
6. Use firewalls with the latest security protection mechanisms in order to protect your computer from possible external attacks.
7. Take only the documents that you need, such as your student ID card and driver’s license. Leave birth certificates, social security cards and other documents that you don’t need either at the campus or at home.
8. If you should often use your social security number in college, better memorize it.
9. Never loan important documents (everything listed in point 7 and 8) to a friend. It doesn’t matter how close you are.
10. If you are applying for a job, provide only your social security number and give your job application directly to the HR manager or director, rather than the first person you will see at the office of the hiring company. In case you are submitting an online application for a job, you should be certain that the website is secure.
To ensure campus safety, follow these 10 tips and your identity will never be stolen.

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