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Useful Ways to Stop Procrastinating

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You have probably noticed that after you have lunch, you are quite far from the state of being productive. The only thing you want to do is to take a nap or at least have a break surfing the internet. You are not alone in this; in fact, this is a known phenomenon called “the post-lunch productivity dip.” There are a lot of tips on how to overcome this condition, and we are going to have a closer look at them below. 

Tips to be more productive 

Move. The key to beat post lunch procrastination is doing some exercise. Fresh air and movement will switch you off a zombie mode and bring you back to buzzing productivity. However, scientists agree that all people have periods, when we just cannot do anything right. You should learn how to recognize this state and assign yourself easier tasks to help your brain rest.  

Break up your tasks. If you are doing something big and wondering how to stay motivated – create a so-called “flow of rewards” where you cross out numerous small tasks instead of waiting to strike off a big one. It gives a sense of enjoyment every time you complete a task and motivates you for new beginnings. 

Imagine your success. What can be more uplifting than seeing yourself praised for a well done job? If you feel that you have reached some indestructible obstacle in your work, just create in your mind a picture of success, and you will find a new source of inspiration for work. 

Take breaks. If you think that you must work without pauses, you are wrong. Your brain works like a racecar and needs a pit stop from time to time. Set a timer for 20-30 minutes and establish some subtasks you need to accomplish in this timeframe. Once you have finished, take a short break. This will increase your productivity and reduce overall fatigue. 

Those are just some ways to succeed. If you follow them, you will enjoy your work more.

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