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Useful Tips on How to Spot a Liar

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We all prefer truth even if it is ugly. The understanding of body language gestures may become essential when we want to spot a liar. Learn the basics of human unnatural behavior to be able to disclose a person who is trying to deceive you.

Reading body language and uncovering truth


1. Does the face betray a liar?

Yes, it does. The person who hides the truth intentionally blushes because of anxiety. Other facial expressions that betray the liar are lip nibbling, flared nostrils, and rapid blinking accompanied by heavy breathing. These are also indicators of intense thinking process that is needed to create a sophisticated lie.

2. What does the body language say?

A person who is deceiving you tends to behave unnaturally. For instance, the posture remains still or the person makes sudden movements. Crossed arms and legs also indicate that the person feels uncomfortable and does not want to show the real emotions. Liars also hide their hands behind the back trying to conceal nervousness.

3. Is the smile sincere?

Many liars try to mask their lie with a fake smile. In this case, your task is to make a distinction between sincere and unnatural smiles. Remember that true smile creates wrinkles around person’s eyes and pushes up the chicks. It is impossible to falsify a natural smile because it is reflected in the eyes.

4. About what and how is a person talking?

Pay attention to the person’s speech. If the speech rate changes and the person breathes abruptly, you are most likely being deceived. In addition, the liars tend to avoid complex phrases and sentences because their minds are overloaded with fake constructions. Also, the liars rarely use the words “I” and “me” trying to distance themselves from their lies.

5. Does a person maintain eye contact?

Too long eye contact or the lack of it should make you suspicious. In addition, if the person avoids eye contact when answering an easy question, be sure that you will not hear the truth.

There are many body signs that give a liar away. Learn how to detect dishonesty using these simple body language tips. 

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