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Types of Essays

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Essay writing has become an integral part of both school and college academic programs. Therefore, it is essential to differentiate between essay types. Moreover, to attain success, one needs to be aware of the essay structure as well. This article will present four major types of essays helping you once and for all remember the key elements of each.

  • Descriptive Essay

This type of essay tells about a certain experience not only with the help of the dry facts, but also with the bright words and expressions that make the readers draw a picture in their mind. The diversity of the language and attention to detail aim at delivering a particular meaning impressing the reader and evoking strong emotions.

  • Expository Essay

This essay type, in turn, has nothing to do with emotions. It is not written in the first person. Expository essay focuses solely on the facts providing the reader with the examples and statistical data. Moreover, this kind of essay contains some variations of such essays as the cause and effect essay, process essay, and the comparison and contrast essay.

  • Narrative Essay

You choose this kind of essay to deliver a story based on a lifeexperience. Narrative essay is written in the first person in order to involve the readers into the story making process. Therefore, they do not stay aside but totally immerse in the atmosphere becoming the part of the story.

  • Persuasive Essay

Similar to the expository essay, persuasive essays introduce facts. Although, the persuasive essay aims at making the reader follow the writer’s opinion. In order to convince the reader, the writer should present the argument with the help of examples, facts, logic, experts’ point of view, and sound reasoning. In addition, the writer should introduce all the sides of the argument. In other words, he or she has to prove that a particular point of view is correct.

Now, you should not be worried anymore since you have got a good guide to achieve success. You may print out this article or just make notes that will be of significant help throughout your academic life.

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