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Tips to Make Friends in College

January 11, 2017 in Personal life
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Closer to the end of the summer season, hundreds of thousands of freshmen will go to college campuses for the first time in their lives. They will enter a new stage of their lives full of new experiences, friends, hopes, as well as ups and downs. Students are definitely more open to new friendships at the beginning of their studies. That makes it a great period for enjoying new friends!
Freshman in College: Making New Friends  

  • Be Yourself. You can’t hide behind a façade just to make certain people like you. Better be yourself and find people who appreciate your qualities and personality. They can become your lifelong friends in future. 
  • Use the Dorm. All freshmen go through similar experiences – they seek new friends. And you should use it to your own advantage. Usually, multiple events are held to help freshmen make new acquaintances. Attend them and let your personality shine there. 
  • Be Interesting. If you want to make more friends on the campus, you’d better have something unique about yourself. Do you have a special talent or a hobby? For instance, excellent memory or blacksmith skills can greatly increase your campus engagement. Don’t hide your talents. 
  • Do Extracurriculars. Campuses often have clubs that unite people by interests. If you do something with likeminded people, it creates a special kind of friendship. 
  • Find Common Ground. When talking to new people, try to find a common ground. Maybe you’ve gone through similar experiences or share the same hobbies? 
  • Ask the usual questions. There’s nothing awkward about it. If you don’t know a person, you have to start with something. “What’s you major?”, “Where are you from?” are good questions for the beginning of conversation. 
  • Eat meals with people. Eating meals together maybe a good answer to the “how to find friends” question. People have always bonded to one another over food. 
  • Be nice. It doesn’t mean that you should please everyone. It means remembering that people aren’t attracted by those who are rude and gruesome. Just be as nice as you can, and don’t let others overuse your kindness. 

As you see, there are multiple ways to find new friends. But the main thing that accompanies all of them is being open to new experiences.

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