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Tips on How to Start a Persuasive Essay

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Writing persuasive papers demands special mastery and skills. For some it comes naturally and easy and they have no evident difficulties on how to start a persuasive essay, whereas for others the process of writing requires in-depth learning of persuasive essay writing basics. A good thing to remember is that, even if you have some difficulties in providing an excellent piece of academic writing, by following the guidelines provided in this article, you can write an exclusive persuasive essay.

Purpose of Writing a Persuasive Essay

Most importantly, persuasive writing is aimed at convincing your target audience in accepting your opinion or perspective on some matter. You might aim to obtain some understanding from your readers regarding the issue of your discussion or you might provide a call to action in the persuasive essay ending. The only thing to consider is that you must truly believe in what you are writing. You will not sound convincing if you are only pretending to be.

The area where persuasive writing is popular is politics and advertising. Usually, you are provided with solid argumentation that will make you support a certain political choice, party, etc. or buy some product or service. Among the other types of persuasive papers are applications for study grants (where you persuade your admission committee why you are the most suitable), fundraising, business proposals, and others. People who can provide quality persuasive writing are really in high demand. Therefore, there are many reasons why you should master your academic writing skills.

If you are struggling in persuading someone to take your side, you need to be prepared how to develop such kind of persuasion. It is not enough to gather a list of “for” points but overlook some weaknesses regarding the issue. Besides, you should know how to conclude a persuasive essay properly.

Stages of Writing a Persuasive Paper

1. Planning and Preparation

Before you start with the very process of writing, you should start with the preparation stage, when you will carefully plan what you will write about and what persuasive essay words and phrases you will use. You should consider all details and components of a persuasive essay. First, select an interesting topic to write a persuasive essay (if it was not assigned to you), come up with good persuasive essay titles, and decide which standpoint you will take. Second, think of argumentation that will support it.

Afterwards, think of your target audience. This factor will directly influence the layout of the paper. Do the target readers have any strong opinions on what you will argue about? Who are they? How old are they? How could your persuasion influence them? What are they waiting for in your speech/ writing?

Further, conduct an in-depth research on your topic and gather all the pros and cons on the position you have taken. Select an appropriate number of sources (one is not enough for sure).

2. Structure and Style of Writing

Every persuasive essay should be logically structured and organized according to the standards of academic writing. As in any other type of essays, you start with an introduction, which should be catchy enough to grab the attention of the audience. Besides, the argument you are for should be also introduced.

The main body includes body paragraphs, where each of them is devoted to a single aspect of the position taken by you. Keep in mind that you should provide ample supporting evidence for all the facts you provide.

Before finalizing your paper, provide a counterargument. It is important to provide refutation to your standpoint.

The conclusion briefly summarizes your position. Make sure that the closing sentence is dramatic: it should be either call to action or call for reflection on the topic. Mention how the problem/ issue can be solved.

3. Revision

Often omitted by writers, revision plays a significant role in polishing your paper and bringing it to maximum perfection. When revising, check on the content: whether the essay provides important information supported by evidence, whether you sound persuasive, and whether you have come up with good words for persuasive essay. Each point you introduce in the paper needs to be properly supported and justified. The structure should be logical and coherent. You should as well check on transitions and how well you move from one aspect of the topic to another. In case you see that some alterations should be made, don’t hesitate and revise the paragraphs.

4. Editing

Apart from revising the content, you should as well pay ample amount of attention to editing. Make sure that the paper is free from grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes as well as from typos. Read each sentence thoroughly. Make a pause after each one and see whether commonly confused words are written correctly. Besides, you may as well ask someone from your family or a friend to read the paper and provide you with a feedback. Ask them whether you sound convincing in the paper.

5. Presentation

Writing persuasive narrative essay sometimes is not the final destination. Often you will have to provide a presentation. Therefore, make sure that you follow the format: the font and size should be readable; each section should be separated with either indentation, subheadings or space between the lines. Make sure that you sound convincing when presenting your work.

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