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The Truth Behind Valentine's Day

February 14, 2017 in Personal life
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Everyone knows that Valentine's Day is of the most popular holidays all over the World. Nevertheless, few know the history and the most interesting facts about Valentine's Day. Let us describe the most significant things about this holiday!
Firstly, let us outline its history. There are two versions of the origin of this holiday. The first tells about the priest named Valentine who was marrying young men and women in spite of the Emperor Claudius's prohibition. That was the primary reason why Claudius II executed him in February more than one thousand years ago. The second story describes Valentine as a man who was in the prison because he helped Christians to escape from Roman punishments. People say that he wrote a letter to his girl before his death and signed it "From your Valentine". Thus began the tradition of “valentines”.

The most interesting facts:
1. There was a little bit strange belief that women had to eat untraditional food which was supposed to help them find their future husbands. Moreover, people pinned male and female names to their sleeves and wore them during the whole week.
2. Valentine’s Day is one of the most productive holidays! Iceland gets approximately 15 billion dollars a year from selling flowers.
3. Roughly 110 million of 200 million flowers in the USA are red. More than half of them are from the state of California. There is a little bit different situation on St. Valentine's Day. Such states as Columbia and Ecuador provide the US with more than 90 percent of all the roses.
4. 4. Sociologists argue that more than 70 percent of men buy flowers, and only a little bit more than 20 percent of flower-buyers are women.
5. Richard Cadbury is the name of the first man who created the unique box of chocolate on Valentine's Day. Today, people buy more than 40 million of chocolates and candy hearts every year.
6. Sociologists argue that there are approximately 200 thousand of marriage proposals being made on the Valentine's Day in America.
7. About 10 million of pet-owners like to celebrate Valentine's Day alone. They believe that pets are better than people and need more love.
8. Of course, prices increase on Valentine's Day. For instance, a dozen of roses costs about 500 hundred dollars in Bangkok.
9. There is a wide range of the meaning of colors of roses. For instance, if you respect or love someone, you need to give them red roses; pink means – "I am interested in you”; white says about the purity of your thoughts and feelings. Also, one rose means you have fallen in love at first sight, 12 means that you simply love this person, 108 says that you are going to confess your love to him or her, 999 means that you want to be together for your whole life.
It is almost 40 percent of people who do not celebrate Valentine's Day today. Loneliness increases.

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