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Substantial Homework Assignment Help

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What steps should teachers take to increase the number of students doing their homework? Before trying to find a correct response to this question, we should ask ourselves the following one, “Is homework considered as a means of testing students’ knowledge or as that of reinforcing the material learnt during classes?”

It is necessary to state that students’ knowledge can be evaluated with the help of tests or class assignments. As to homework writing, it should help students practice their skills and apply the ideas discussed in class. Homework is not supposed to teach students something new. As you see, we have answered the posed question and now we should find out how teachers can make students do their homework.

What Motivates Students

Some students are highly motivated and they are interested in learning new things. They just sometimes need teachers to strengthen their motivation. Others are hesitant or unwilling to learn the provided material. Therefore, the latter need to somehow engage such students in the learning process. Perhaps such students want teachers to explain them how to complete a homework on a specific topic. It should be admitted that teachers can indeed strongly motivate students.

What does the last sentence of a previous paragraph mean? Think about the things that inspire you to do something. What motivates you to fulfill some tasks or finish your homework on time? For example, if you want to earn good profits or increase the level of sales, it means you are driven by the outside determinants. However, may be you are into examining new subjects or you enjoy painting pictures. In this case, you are influenced by the intrinsic qualities.

How can intrinsic and extrinsic aspects help students succeed?

We offer several effective methods that can be used for motivating students to complete their homework on time.

Arousing Students’ Interest

According to the conducted research, more than 95% of fifth formers started doing their assignments after their teachers interested them in the very process. If you want to engage students in the learning process, you should not make them think that homework is something boring and terrible. On the contrary, you need to show students how to finish homework fast and in the right way. For example, modern students are deeply involved in using the latest technologies. Thus, you may create an online directory by using which students will be able to discuss different topics learnt in class and answer the questions given by their professors.

It is useful to know that it is much easier for students to deal with their homework if they know exactly when assignments are to be completed. For instance, the Chemistry tasks should be fulfilled by Tuesday, and those in Literature - by Thursday. You may also give students homework for the whole week on Monday and ask them to finish it by Friday. By the way, you can reward students who complete their assignments before the deadline with a homework pass, for example. In addition, you may give students several tasks and say which of them have to be done by a certain day.

Do not Be too Demanding!

You should avoid giving students too many assignments. There is no need to assign them to do 15 sums to see whether they comprehend the material. It is enough to choose about five or eight sums clearly illustrating the key theory to understand whether students are fully aware of the topic. Note that students often say, “I like to do my homework if it takes little time.”

Assignments as a Means of Mastering Skills

Give students the assignments that will help them develop their skills. Such homework practice will let students easily learn new material on their own. Mind that not all students can get help with college homework.

Encourage Students

People get salaries and bonuses for doing their job well. The same is with students. They also want to get awards for their work. There are several methods for motivating students to do their assignments. Consider the following tips:

    • The whole class may earn some points if all students do their projects. As soon as the class gets 10 points, they can be rewarded with something. Thus, students will remind each other about the importance of doing assignments.
    • Create cards representing the word “homework.” Each submitted assignment is a letter from the mentioned word. If anyone has not completed a task, start the game again. As soon as the world is spelled, give a class a prize.
    • Give every student a number. Evert day call a number. If the student who has the indicated number completed the assignment, their card goes to the “bonus box.” At the end of the month, pick a number and give a prize to the student holding it.
    • Make a homework table. Once all students complete their homework, their column gets a point. Those who have the largest number of points will get a prize. Note that if you do not know how to do your homework, you can ask online professionals for college homework help.
    • Organize competitions between the classes. The class that completes more assignments within a certain period of time will be rewarded.

Use Online Services

There are different webpages offering college homework help. One of the greatest websites which provides an excellent homework writing service is No matter the type of assignment, our experienced specialists are always ready to give you professional homework assignment help.

Organize Homework Meetings

Students can come together before or after classes to discuss current tasks and give each other assistance with some projects.

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