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Research Paper Title: 5 Writing Tips

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Creating a research paper title seems like no big thing at all. Most assume developing research paper titles is no rocket science and doesn’t require much time or energy. But it is one thing to develop a title and it is a different story to create a good one. Whenever people come across different articles online, usually they read a title first. Depending on a title they may continue reading the article body or just switch to another one if it was too boring. The important of an engaging and informative title can unlikely be overestimated. However, it is not so easy to develop one for a research paper.

Check Out 5 Useful Tips For Creating A Good Title For A Research Paper 

1. Don’t try to come up with your research paper title before the research is complete

Although you know what you will working on and what subjects/questions are going to be described in the main body, it makes much more sense to work on a title when you have everything written. It is like looking on a city from a mountain top – a much better picture of a city is available from there.

2. You need to keep it brief and attractive

A lengthy title (over 16 words) may be a turn-off so try to concisely summarize your research paper using simple words if possible. You have to know that no matter how hard you try it will be impossible to squeeze into a title every single detail you want. If you make it too long it may divert readers’ attention from the main point.

3. A research paper title should contain keywords you used throughout the paper

This way it will reflect the tone of your piece of writing, which is one of the purposes of a title. Descriptive keywords would also help readers understand the nature of the study. Additionally, it will make it easier for people to access your work through a computer search.

4. Title should be catchy a little bit

Although it may sound weird in the context of a scientific research, but any research paper title should still generate the interest of those reading it. So try to brainstorm a little bit asking yourself questions about your research and answering them with title suggestion on a piece of paper.

5. A research paper title shouldn’t contain any abbreviations or inappropriate language

No matter how hard you want to make your title catchy, don’t let yourself go beyond the boundaries of scientific requirements. If you have doubts whether your language is appropriate in a research paper title then you should probably come up with a different one.

Don’t Try to Copy Anybody Else

There are plenty of suggestions on how one can create a good title but when looking them up it is important to remember that it is your own work. It is most likely that writing a research paper was a great challenge itself; it is something you have accomplished on your own. And if you have done that we are pretty confident that you will be able to develop a good title for your work. The very last thing you have to remember is not to give up when you can’t seem to find what’s right. Dedication and hard work will always result in a great outcome after all. If you stick to those there is no chance you won’t have great title for your research paper.

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