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Public Speaking Skills as an Art and a Blessing

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If you shiver every time you think of making a public speech, then you are in the right place. Research suggests that the fear of public speaking is a typical problem for millions of people, and you are not alone in your troubles! Many people used to avoid public speeches and public gatherings. At times, people had a feeling that they would die rather than utter a single word in front of an audience. However, just recently Exclusive-paper team has successfully delivered a prominent speech to those who want to become leaders. We thought it was a great chance for us to test our public speaking abilities and develop more strength and resilience when talking to large audiences.

Our representative suddenly realized that the moment he stepped up to the scene was the most scaring one. He had to recognize that any public speaking project requires confidence and high levels of self-esteem. Otherwise, it is doomed to failure. The results of numerous studies suggest that, at times, our ability to speak publicly can be more important than any of our workplace skills. For example, we cannot imagine a good leader who cannot talk. Without public speaking, leadership loses its relevance in the eyes of others.

Why is public speaking important? It is simple. Your ability to speak in front of an audience adds to your positive personal and professional image. If you want to position yourself as a leader, you will have to learn public speaking skills. No other way! It is through effective public speaking that firms build their customer base, attract new suppliers and consumers, advertise their approaches to business, and make a difference in their industries. Besides, one of the benefits of public speaking is that it increases personal confidence and self-esteem. It is like jumping with a parachute!

After such experience, our team has decided that we would like to develop some easy recommendations for you to help you build better public speaking skills.

1. Prepare public speaking topics

You may think that you know everything, but it is better to get ready before it is too late. Make some notes. Learn more about your audience. Expect questions and imagine what answers you will provide. It will be better if you practice your speech in front of a mirror. You should also learn some tips on public speaking anxiety, because it may keep you from achieving your speaking goals.

2. The more you practice, the better

Do not ignore the importance of public speaking training, because only training and practice can give you a competitive edge in your interactions with the audience. Once you hear yourself and see how you act on the stage, you will have a different view of your effectiveness as a speaker. Therefore, it is better to avoid a sense of disappointment and anticipate possible emergencies. Train and learn to begin your speech with an attention getter and conclude it, leaving your audience with questions.

3. Your fear of public speaking activity is real

Public speaking fears are a reality, and instead of denying it, you should recognize and deal with them. One of the best things you can do is understanding the biological mechanisms behind your fears. In other words, you should view them as normal, and your audience should be ready to help you with them.

4. Relax for effective public speaking

The moment you need to be on the stage, relax. Of course, this is not easy, but try it! Take some of your friends with you. Their presence will give you more confidence, and you will have more power and motivation to manage your communication with the audience. Listen to some of your most favorite songs, and they will improve your mood right before the speech!

5. Mindfulness and meditation – great public speaking exercises

These exercises can help you refocus your attention, thoughts, and activities from the things that keep you in fear towards the things that make you feel nice. You can simply close your eyes and sit down quietly, listening to the sound of the wind outside. Take a deep breath. Think of something really pleasant in your life. Imagine how the audience will applaud when you are done with the speech. Everyone wants to hear you! Do not be scared!

6. Be human in all types of public speaking 

You do not need to look like you are an extraordinary speaker. People will like you more if they see your strengths and weaknesses. Even mistakes can benefit you if you are able to recognize them and treat them with humor.

7. Body language: public speaking anxiety tips

Do not forget about your body language. The effects you produce on the audience are not limited to your words. You can take a look at the most prominent TED speakers and see how they behave on the stage. Use appropriate gestures. Choose a suitable tone. Relax. Do not look as if you are in physical pain.

8. Sometimes a joke can save your speech

Of course, you do not need to turn your speech in a piece of a comedy show. However, you can insert some nice jokes here and there to create a more relaxed atmosphere and establish more intimate relationships with your audience. Do not try to offend anyone. You will receive the opposite result if your jokes are insulting.

9. Be brief and concise

There is no need to tell your audience how to behave in all possible situations. Do not try to look wiser than your listeners. Do not make your audience feel bored because you talk too much and do not listen to them. Make fun of it and keep it lighter. Say meaningful things and that is all!

10. Great topic for public speaking – take a pause!

No one says that you should run and rush to find a miracle. Take a pause. No matter what you are discussing, take your breath and think of what you are going to do next.

11. Your audience will not bite you – you do not need to fear it!

The crowd will not kill you. They are here to listen to you, not to lynch you. Imagine it like a conversation with several people at once. They will listen to you attentively. They will want you to tell something interesting, and they expect you to be relaxed. They are pleasant people; otherwise, they would not be there now.

12. Use some public speaking example, and do not be afraid of mistakes

Learning is a torture, and no one expects you to go up this thorny path without falling down. You will make mistakes, and it is normal because you are a human! No one will criticize you for your failures more than your own self. At the same time, if you do not want to make mistakes, you will never learn advanced public speaking skills. Look at any prominent public speaker, and you will see that he or she is far from perfect. You do not need to be the best of all. You simply want to be human. You want your audience to hear your words, and you can definitely accomplish this challenging mission!

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