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Productivity Tips

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Eating well is essential for being healthy. Except for contributing to an excellent health condition, a balanced diet is a key to productivity at work. If you are willing to know how it works, continue reading!

Science of Eating

Your organism converts everything you consume into glucose, which travels to all the organs, also stimulating the brain work. However, after the complete conversion of the foods, you become hungry and, consequently, irritated and unable to focus. In the long run, in the case of having a poor diet, people become less healthy and less efficient.

  • Significance of Breakfast

A morning meal tends to provide you with ample energy for the whole day. According to research, people who have breakfast have more chances to keep a healthy weight and stay concentrated at work. However, breakfast is vital both for adults and for kids. If you want your children to perform better at school, you should include cold cereals, fruit yogurts or muesli in the ration.

  • Lunchtime Tips

Lunch is a high time to fuel your body with minerals and nutrients. Therefore, you have to be reasonable while choosing foods. For a sufficient supply of glucose, it is better to consume low glycemic meals, including whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and sweet potatoes. It is also a bright idea to eat food high in protein, for instance, meat, nuts, dairy, or beans.
Apart from basic rules concerning lunchtime, consider additional healthy lunch ideas. Firstly, never make eating decisions when you are starving. It is better to decide on what and where to eat in the morning. Secondly, a healthy diet implies a moderate quantity of the consumed meal. You should not overeat to avoid feeling sleepy and weak. Finally, instead of having lunch at the office, consider eating out, which will boost your mood and reduce stress levels.

  • Snacks & Beverages

Healthy food choices should include such snacks as dried nuts and fruit, whole grains, and energy bars low in sugar. Your snack may also consist of berries or a square of dark chocolate. As for beverages, they contribute to the productivity. For instance, coffee helps stay cheerful and concentrated. However, you should keep in mind that drinking water, making your organism hydrated, is essential.

  • Sleep & Workout

Except for a balanced diet, you have to get a sufficient sleep to stay efficient and focused. For example, taking a nap decreases irritability. Additionally, you will benefit from exercising and giving up smoking. Employees who regularly engage in sports activities are twice more productive than those who are passive.

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