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Problem Solving Tips

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You will be surprised that feelings are produced by thoughts. This kind of a relation between emotional system and thinking may seem to be challenging and awesome at the same time. It means only we are accountable for a perception of the particular situation. Knowing our strength, we can choose the way we take an attitude to something. As a result, we avoid stress and adopt our attitude towards life.
How to think critically

The key element in problem-solving is to make a strategy with a concrete set of actions. Following it, it is important to remember certain principles: never make decisions in a hurry, consider all pros and cons, do not be biased, believe only proved information, explanations, and facts, rely on reasoning rather that emotions, be open-minded.

Step-by-step approach:

1.Diagnosis. Find out the real problem that needs to be solved. During this process, you need to discover the roots of it. Knowing the source, you will easily find an antidote. What is more, it happens that you recognize the absence of a problem. Sometimes, the things worrying us are the product of fears and lack of self-confidence.

2.Close examination. The following step is to look at a problem from different angles. Ask yourself questions. Try to imagine how everything would turn out to be according to the variants of your solutions. Wear a thinking cap on and write down the thoughts appearing in your mind.
3.Time to make a choice. Once you’ve made a list of possible options and gave careful consideration to each of them, studied all the facts of the matter, then it is high time to choose the best option for you.
4.Take measures. Go on. Do everything as you planned. Successfully completed task will increase your self-confidence.
If you are aware of the ways of critical thinking, there is a very small chance the daily routine will break your spirit. Your decisions will work for you as they are brainstormed and not hasty ones. This approach is helpful while dealing with stress and discontentment with life.
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