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Positives and Negatives of Online Education

December 02, 2016 in Personal life
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Is online education good or bad? Debates on this question still continue. While some people think it is the education of the future, others do not consider it as education at all. It can be confusing for you if you are trying to make a decision whether to study online or not. After all, who wants to choose a wrong path? To help you, we decided to make a list of pros and cons of online schooling. 

Tips for success in online courses: consider pros and cons 

The pros include: 

  1. Convenience. What is online learning? It is a kind of education accessible for everyone, regardless of their location, schedule restrictions, or physical abilities. If you have a computer with Internet connection, you can easily study online. 

  1. Lower costs. Not all online courses are cheaper than traditional schools, but most of them are. In any case, you will spend less since you will not have to pay for a room or commute. Moreover, with higher flexibilityyou will have more chances to find a source of income. 

  1. Faster completion. Online courses provide more targeted options that turn off all the general knowledge materials from arts to politics. You will study only the subjects you actually need for your degree.  

Meanwhile, the cons of online learning are:  

  1. Not all subjects can be given online. If you want to study physical or occupational therapy, online courses will not let you gain the skills you need.  

  1. Increased personal responsibility. You will not find a highly structured environment here, as you usually do in traditional schoolsYou will have to create your own schedule, manage your time, and monitor your degree requirements. All by yourself. Finding guidance from tutors will also be more difficult.  

  1. Networking challenges. Regular interactions with other students and professors are essential for gaining knowledge. In the online environment, it is harder to have these forms of communication.  

Weigh these pros and cons for yourself. Do pros outweigh in your case? If they doyou can study online. Only remember: successful online learning is assured by a number of factors. Do a careful research before selecting an online school and create a schedule, which you will be able to follow day by day. If you have good self-discipline, you will probably like online education.  

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