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New Year's Resolutions: Is It a Good Idea?

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Is making New Year’s resolutions a good or bad idea? Actually, it is both! It is bad because most resolutions are not fulfilled, which may lead to different forms of self-criticism. On the other hand, they are good, because they can improve person’s wellbeing and force him/her to reconsider their values. Do you want to know how to make proper resolutions and put them into practice? Then keep on reading!

Essential tips on how to set goals

Goal psychology is the area that examines the aspects related to human character behavior and goals. Scholars involved in this subject focus on people’s personal strivings in everyday life. One of the researches has found that people with power-oriented strivings, like “to make more money” or “develop my career”, have lower life quality. Meanwhile, those who consider that they often feel positive emotions and have a higher life quality tend to have sacred-oriented strivings, such as “remember to be grateful to God” and “acknowledge the beauty of relationships with others.” People, who have high self-esteem, feel the meaning of their life and understand love, have the strivings that come from generativity – a desire to create a better world, such as “give more time to my kids” and “reduce racism in the society.” These people tend to be happier and their life is full of meaning.

When it comes to New Year’s Eve ideas for resolutions, reflect on your strivings. What do you value the most? What gives you a purpose in life? To which category would you refer yourself now? What category do you want to belong to? What resolution do you really need to make? And do not stop making your resolutions. Go ahead and put them into practice in order to increase well-being for yourself and for the people you love.

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