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New Year Celebration in China

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New Year in China is the one of the most peculiar holidays. There are lots of myths, stories, and traditions related to this day, and it is more fun to celebrate Chinese New Year if you know them well.
Chinese New Year Celebration

Paying The Respect to Gods of Prosperity
On the 5-th day after the New Year's night, all Chinese businesses shoot firecrackers because they believe that in such a way, they will satisfy gods of prosperity, and the business will succeed in the new year.

Symbolic Meanings 
Chinese people used to share a so-called hong bao's or red envelope with money. They are given to children, or adults with no job. If you are employed, you have to present a red envelope with some money to anyone who does not have a steady income. A red color means luck and prosperity, so the envelope should be red only.
New year holidays can't last forever, but even in the fortnight after the New Year's, offices, streets, and private houses are surrounded with dancing dragons as people believe that the dragon dances attract luck, prosperity, and well-being to their homes.

Lanterns Festival
In two weeks after the New Year, a festival of lanterns takes place. Huge and small lanterns of various materials are lit. People decorate them with poems, stories, and pictures of such animals as pigs and rabbits. Children make small paper lanterns and make a wish. This is an amazing new year festival.

An Exquisite Cuisine
The Chinese New Year is peculiar with its extravagant food. Families prepare it for the main eve dinner and just for regular dining during festive days. Many families prepare everything on their own, but you can get some ready-made foods in local supermarkets. We recommend you such foods as Eight Treasures Rice, Tang Yuan, Song Gao, and Jiu Niang Tang. We expect that you'll like it regardless of your tastes in food because Chinese New Year cuisine contains the very spirit of this holiday!

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