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Moving In Together

January 23, 2017 in Personal life
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Moving in with your boyfriend or girlfriend is a huge step. Usually, there is so much excitement (or panic) around the event that you can’t be rational and keep thoughts together. What is it going to be like? Is it like in my favorite TV-series? What stuff to pack into the suitcase? That bustle drives your brain crazy and what you need is a deep breath and clear mind. As it’s really a huge step! So, what should you think of after receiving such a thrilling offer?

How to avoid a catastrophe: relationship advice

Building relationships require making choices, accepting changes, and developing your life. Moving in together is another level in your relationships. Before you step into it, check if you’re ready to adjust to living together. To go through the vital points, we’ve created ‘a moving in together checklist’. Let’s see:

Financial sustainability. Moving in together includes (above the romantic part) paying for rent, food, utilities, common purchases, etc. Ask yourself if you can afford such costs.

Perfect moment. The process of moving in takes time and efforts. Check if you don’t have any exams, deadlines, or important work at that moment.

Feelings. Take time for yourself without any pressure and make sure the reason you’re moving in and what you feel about that person.

Approval. Not everyone may approve your decision. Discuss it with your parents and friends. They wish the best for you, at the same time they’ll give you a look from the outside. If you find their concerns reasonable, don’t be afraid to postpone your big move.

New lifestyle. Dealing with change is inevitable. It relates not just to the place you live, but to the time you spend with friends, new housework, etc. Talk this out with your partner to discuss your expectations.

Dark side. You and your partner have it. Living together is a perfect place to expose all the truth. Prepare to see your angel from the darker side, where annoying habits are just the beginning.

Your space. Discuss with your partner how you both take time on your study, work, playing games, and so on. Moving in together doesn’t deprive your personal space.

Backup plan. Life can be unpredictable. Think what your plan is if things don’t work out.

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