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Most Beautiful Colleges for You to See in Winter

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Winter outside is not an excuse to stay at home. Yes, the scenery is all white and covered with snow with brown small parts of everything else that is not white. However, in this monochrome world there are still beautiful places to see. Especially for those who are planning their future college.

Beautiful Places to Visit in Winter

1. Northern Arizona University is one of the best winter destinations located close to the mountains in Flagstaff, Arizona. What could be better scenery than desert, water, and mountains? It is definitely one of the most impressive places to see in wintertime. Hiking in the mountains of Arizona, or skiing in the Snowbowl, there is a lot you can do here in winter.

2. Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana, is also very close to the mountains and Yellowstone National Park. It embraces a huge territory of 1,170 acres. It is the primary campus in the state and receives the most funding for its land. The campus has everything for winter sports and university even offers its students opportunities on ski programs. 

3. The University of Iowa with the Iowa River in its heart is one of the best places where to go in winter. The contrast of the red walls of the Art Building West of the campus and shining white snow is a spectacular view.

4. Boston University in Massachusetts looks like a castle from fairy tales when covered with snow.

5. Tufts University is another university of Massachusetts situated in Medford. The greenery of the main campus in warm seasons changes to special cold charms of interwoven tree branches over the buildings.

6. Colorado State University is right near the Rocky Mountains, so can you imagine how beautiful it is there? Of course, there is a variety of sports such as ice skating, snowboarding, and skiing. There are many winter activities and events in the cities nearby.

7. The University of Alaska Fairbanks offers its visitors and students many winter sports, as well as breathtaking natural views of Alaska beauty. Located in the biggest city of Alaska, Fairbanks, this university is for those students who adore winter and can withstand harsh cold.

8. The University of Montana is in the neighborhood of the three rivers – Clark Fork, Bitterroot, and Blackfoot. There is a breathtaking “M” trail near the university, which becomes even more beautiful when the leaves fall to the ground.

9. Dartmouth College is situated in Hanover, New Hampshire, and includes such wonderful buildings as the Dartmouth Hall or Baker Memorial Library. The Connecticut River nearby adds exceptional beauty to winter scenery.

10. The University of Colorado in Boulder with the tremendous buildings in Gothic style look like book illustrations. Created by architect Charles Klauder, the university includes such buildings, as is the Sewall Hall, the Residence halls, and the Old Main building.

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