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Life-Saving Tips: Reading Books

November 25, 2016 in Personal life
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 Many speculations about the end the world have appeared recently. Futurists say that the collapse of modern civilization caused mainly by the decline and laziness of the society is inevitable. What to do in such a desperate situation? How to survive the Apocalypse of this epoch? To begin with, it is our mind and morality that suffer terrible deterioration. So, the easiest answer is to keep our brain and our soul in a “good shape.” We can always do it by reading books. The principle is the same as healthy food. When we want our body to work properly, we eat healthy products. When we want our mind to be clear, we need to feed it with good books.


5 reasons to read books                

To speak better

Believe it or not, when you read, you enrich your vocabulary. In other words, you increase your verbal abilities. It is much easier to describe something or to explain your point of view. Besides, your language updates with new useful words.

To recover your concentration

The shorter become blog posts you look through all the time, the harder you concentrate on long pieces of texts, which you have to read at school/work. You will value the benefits of reading when you can easily focus on something for a long period of time without tremendous efforts. You will notice that reading also improves your attention.

To improve your imagination

Our brain is lazy because it is used to consuming the end product: television, films, the internet, and ads. We do not need to imagine anything as we see it already. We deprive ourselves of the opportunity to visualize things on our own. We do not train our brain and then complain about not being creative. Our mind misses reading and imagining, try them!

To learn for free

Imagine how much money you can save by reading books instead of taking courses. Books are a treasure of information. Read more books and you will see how smarter you become.

To train your memory

The problem of modern society is that we tend to forget everything. We have all those gadgets that remind us of the simplest staff. How would we survive 50 years ago? It has been proved that reading books not just reduces stress; it also helps to put thoughts in order. In such a way, your memory will not be packed with junk; it will be tuned for a proper work.

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