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Learn Music Theory Online: 5 Fantastic Online Courses

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Music is a living thing. It can heal and it can make one depressed. It may energize, but also it can drain. The greatest composers and musical geniuses have always transcended the actual understanding of music when they were creating their opuses. They dove into the stream of creativity, beyond mind and thought, in order to bring us their timeless masterpieces.
Of course, learning musical theory will not make you a musical genius, because there is much more to it. Nevertheless, studying the theory will definitely get you a great start. And here is the selection of top resources that you can use.

Top 5 Free Online Courses

1.Yale: Music Theory Course
Learning music and understanding it may be difficult, but not with this course. This course teaches you how to listen to music and how to be an active rather than passive music listener. Only then, it goes to music fundamentals like rhythm, harmony, melody etc.

2. Pebber Brown: Music Fundamentals 101
If there is one thing that you should know about Pebber Brown – it is that he really knows A LOT about music. Having studied from 19 different teachers in five universities, he knows how to put difficult things simple. The total length of the course is about 20 hours.

3. Online Lessons
This course is for those who want to study music theory in depth. It focuses on the most essential pieces of music knowledge in a very comprehensive manner.

4. Coursera: Fundamentals of Music Theory
Another great course if you want to learn music theory. The program of this course comes from the University of Edinburgh’s Reid School of Music and it is created for those who have no prior education in music.

5. Berklee College of Music
For those who are looking for a college-level course, we can recommend Berklee College of Music. Here you can take even an individual course. When you finish the course, you will be able to read music and write your own compositions. Bad news is that these courses are not free.

Music is something we are born with. No matter the form – from rhythmic melodies of African drums to sophisticated compositions of European composers, music is a language that needs no words to be understood. If your soul is hungry for music, if you want to become a creator – make a first step by taking one of these courses.

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