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Keeping warm in winter

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Winter ideas
Winter is a beautiful season, but sometimes we spend too much money to heat our houses. That is why we offer the best tips on how to protect yourself from cold and not to receive high bills for heating.

1. Hot beverages and baking
It is a myth that alcohol and hot drinks warm you. They just cause the temporary feeling of warmth, which disappears very soon. A better variant is to use your oven while you are cooking something. You may just open it. Thus, you will get a lot of warmth and tasty dishes.
2. Romantic
The use of the light of candles is another good idea of how to heat yourself. It also creates the romantic atmosphere when you may get closer to one another, which means skin-on-skin contacts and additional warmth.
3. Be creative and sly
You may use the bottle with hot water, a package of dried beans, rice, etc. to warm yourself. Thus, it is unnecessary to use expensive electric appliances for heating your room. Also, covering the floor with a carpet will allow you to avoid losing of the warmth through the holes. The easiest way not to be cold and one of the best winter health tips is moving more and often. Exercising or just walking make you feel warmer.
4. Bed and light
Most of our beds are not suitable enough for cold winter. The variant is to rent or buy a tent and sleep there. It will save all your warmth, and you will feel relaxed. Another way is to open your window for sunlight. It will heat your room free.
5. Humidity and clothing
The right level of humidity helps to make your house warmer. Scientists recommend using humidifier during all winter. Besides, you may use a clothes dryer to get warm. The last, you have to remember to put on your hat or cap when it freezes. Researchers argue that we lose a lot of warmth via our head. That is why it is so significant to prevent it.
6. High-tech
There are many ways of how to save the warmth through high-tech. For instance, you may use the sealing of your doors or a ceiling fan. Each of these variants helps you to make your house warmer and comfortable. Besides, do not forget about your radiator. Use the line of duty tin foil between the wall and a radiator to avoid losing of the warmth through the walls and to direct heat into the room.
7. Stay gleeful
Scientists prove that our positive thoughts can control the temperature of our body. It is higher when we think positively and lower when we are upset. Thus, it is a good idea to stay joyful because even such a simple thing can help you to fight coldness.

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