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Interesting Topics for your Expository Essay

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Expository essay is a type of essay that explains things by providing facts rather than offering an opinion. This piece of writing will require you to investigate and evaluate, as well as set arguments in a clear and crisp manner. Essays of this nature are normally tested by teachers, and it is important that students practice writing expository essays. For you to begin writing your expository essay, you need an interesting topic.

Expository writing topics you can choose for your academic essay

  1. Come up with a description of your hometown for a person who has never been there before. Include the important landmarks and history.
  2. Write a biography of your favorite celebrity.
  3. Write a description of a city that you have always wanted to visit and include the history and important landmarks.
  4. Write a step-to-step guide on how to take care of a pet.
  5. Write a history of your favorite sport.
  6. Write a recipe for your favorite meal and how to prepare it.
  7. Eloquently portray the scenery outside your window.
  8. Compare and contrast the difference between your home and that of your friend.
  9. Write instructions on how to use a camera, phone, or any other device.
  10. Pick a certain month and write a description of the type of weather that you experience in your hometown.
  11. Write about a historical figure that you share the same birthday with.
  12. Explain why somebody you have met or know should be regarded as a leader.
  13. Give an explanation as to why you admire a certain person.
  14. Give a detailed explanation as to why parents are strict.
  15. Explain why you like a certain teacher.
  16. Explain the reasons why in some cities there are curfews for teenagers.
  17. What are some of the reasons as to why some students are forced to leave school when they reach sixteen?
  18. Explain why getting a driving license is important in the lives of many teenagers.
  19. Explain why you like to work alone or in a team.
  20. Describe some of the major stressors in the lives of many teenagers.
  21. Explain why moving many times affects the lives of teenagers.
  22. Describe some of the nonmaterial things that please you.
  23. Elucidate why music affects people and how.
  24. Explain why some teens are tempted to commit suicide.
  25. Elucidate the effect of different genres of music on society.
  26. Explain why most students listen to the same genre of music.
  27. Give reasons as to why students skip school.
  28. What are some of the consequences of skipping school?
  29. Describe some of the reasons why students perform poorly in school.
  30. Explain why some students use drugs.
  31. Describe some of the consequences of selling drugs in school.
  32. Describe some of the consequences of taking drugs.
  33. Why do teenagers smoke cigarettes?
  34. What are some of the consequences of being kicked out of school?
  35. What are the consequences of skipping classes?
  36. What are the consequences of constant fights between family members?
  37. What are the consequences of consuming alcohol at the school campus?
  38. Explain the results of being sexually active without using protection.
  39. What are the consequences of increasing the passing time between classes from 5 to 10 or 15 minutes?
  40. Why do teens join gangs?
  41. What are some of the difficulties that students experience when they join gangs?
  42. How does the life of a teenager change once she gets a baby?
  43. Explain what you think a boy should do when he realizes that his girlfriend is pregnant.
  44. Explain what can lead you to laugh during an embarrassing moment.
  45. What are the effects of marijuana?
  46. What are the consequences of teenagers becoming sexually active?
  47. Why is it important for you to organize your materials and activities?
  48. Describe some of the ways you help out at home.
  49. Why is school work very important?
  50. What are some of the consequences of adopting a pass/fail system?
  51. What are some of the consequences of enforcing a curfew at 11:00 p.m.?
  52. Why don’t some schools have the open lunch policies?
  53. Give an explanation as to why most students are very materialistic.
  54. What are some of the consequences of getting employed when in high school?
  55. Which are some of the consequences of dropping out of school?
  56. Explain some of the ways teenagers can usefully spend their leisure time.
  57. Why is it difficult for most teens to deal with their parents’ divorce?
  58. Which things can bring you great happiness?
  59. Why would you choose to live in an apartment or a house?
  60. Why do teens love their parents even when their families are experiencing difficult moments?
  61. Explain why you would like to pursue a certain career line.
  62. What are the consequences of requiring that all students wear a school uniform?
  63. Write the instructions for a certain safety procedure.
  64. Compare and contrast two governments of different countries that are in the same continent.
  65. Interview a person and write about his or her job.
  66. Write a guide on how to take care of a plant.
  67. Describe some of the animals that survive and have adapted to the climate of your hometown.
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