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Is It Wrong to Hate a High School?

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Attending a high school doesn’t seem like a great thing when you are a student. Very few teenagers find it an interesting experience to attend high school. Opposed to teenagers, older people often dream of going back to high school times. They find that period an exciting chapter of their lives regardless of boring studies and classes. But the question most students ask today is “If I hate high school why should I attend it?” In this article we are going to discuss the reasons why teenagers don’t like attending a high school and what should one do about that? So if you can relate to the question given above then keep reading this article to get to know more about the things you can do about the issue.

Is It Wrong to Hate Your School?

Many students bother if it is wrong to say or even think in the “I hate high school” direction. Well, most parents would say that it is bad… But what can you do about it if that is what you genuinely feel? You just have that feeling and you can do nothing about that, right? Well, not quite. There are some things you could do in order to view school differently. But answering the question of whether it is wrong to hate your school we tend to believe it is not wrong. There is nothing wrong to have certain feelings about something. It is what you do that really matters.

You can hate the medicines all you want (and there is nothing wrong with having bad feelings about swallowing bitter pills) but what really matters is what you do with those medicines. You can ignore and don’t take them and your body will suffer (or maybe even die) or you step over your feelings to take the medicines which are going to help you feel better and eventually recover. The same principle applies to the “I hate my school” attitude.

There are a lot of reasons why teenagers hate school: bullies, bad teachers, annoying classmates, classes that make no sense, peer pressure, tests, and homework. The list can go on and on frankly as there are many other reasons why teenagers don’t want to go to school. John Mayer, a famous singer and songwriter once said, “High school is like a spork: it is a crappy spoon and a crappy fork, so in the end, it is just plain useless”. You can add to it the students’ quotes like “Do I study to gain knowledge or pass tests?”, “Narrow-minded teachers that have just one correct answer to the question drive me nuts!” or “Spending weekends on writing homework assignments is killing me!”. However, despite all of these reasons, there is something else that needs to be said.

John Mayer got it right. Any high school is like an instrument. It may not be a perfect tool to get something done but it is surely the one you can use for your own benefit. Regardless of all downsides, high schools do offer good knowledge and skills that you are going to need in the future. It does teach you to build relationships with those around you (even if you don’t like them) – a skill that will be essential in your career success. If you commit to studying in a high school, it will help you discipline yourself which is something a lot of people lack today. Ultimately, having a high school diploma will give you better job opportunities and will allow you to go on to college. And it is totally up to you if you are going to make use of these opportunities offered by a high school or rather choose to have the bitter “I hate school” attitude.


To conclude we would like to emphasize the importance of what you do rather than what you feel about your high school. Because what you do is what ultimately matters the most. You will find that true throughout your whole life. It doesn’t matter what you feel or thinks unless you act accordingly. How you act is your call. A high school can become a useful tool in your education and career if you choose so. You can also make attending school a useless experience by what you do or don’t do. We hope you are going to make the right choice which you will not regret in the future.

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