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How to Write an Action Research Paper

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Before you begin your action research project, you need to know how to write an action research paper. Writing an action research paper requires that you divide it into five main categories. These categories include;

1.The content

In your action research paper outline, describe the context within which the action research took place. The locus of your content can heavily depend on the project you are undertaking. This can be in a classroom, your school or your school neighborhood. However, it is also possible that the context of your research paper can include more and different aspects.  Remember that describing the physical setting in your action research paper outline is critical. Other aspects that can be important depending on the type of project you have included working with parents and also students, describing populations, geographical features and political areas and information.

  • The statement and origin of the research you are focusing on
  • Your statement of your research focus should be able to answer the following;
  • What were you investigating?
  • What accomplishments did you make in your study?
  • What goals did you have when you were planning the research?

In this stage, you should also explain how you were able to start your research and how you advanced. This means you should also answer the following questions;

  • How did you arrive at the idea?
  • How did the idea change?
  • What impacts did you experience as a group and did they influence the advancement of the action research paper?

Still in this level, remember to add some more information on what you gathered from your reading of the research literature which gave you the idea.

2. Methods

Writing an action research paper requires you indicate how you were able to investigate your practice. Ensure you;

  • Describe in detail what steps you took.
  • How did you collect your data?
  • What type of data were you collecting?
  • What are some of the difficulties or success factors did you experience when carrying out your action research?

3. Findings

The fourth type of element is the accomplishments you made in your research. You should keep in mind that all action research papers involve actions. Therefore, you should indicate the effects of the actions you performed in your research. Each action research project transpires as a result of the teacher understanding in a new way of his or her educational situation. This means that you should include some details on what you learnt in class. You can include some events that you attended, data that is contradicting from what you had initially hoped to get.


This is the last element. However, it is not compulsory that your action research project has far-reaching effects. The consequences can include a statement of how the participation of various people has affected your research. This section should guide you to answer how you view the educational world after your research and how different it is.

5. Remember to include a section that describes the next step you are planning to take in your research. Indicate whether at this level it is complete or it needs further research. You can also relate your research to another scenario that you would want to research.

Ensure that you have followed all the steps to learn how to write an action research paper successfully.

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