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How to Write a History Essay: 10 Writing Tips

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Everybody needs some sort of assistance at some point. Experienced managers sometimes desperately need advice from staff to make adequate decisions. Family couples sometimes require the psychologist’s consultation to mend the marriage. The list can go on and on as people find themselves weak on their own without the help of others. Students often need assistance as well, especially when it comes to writing essays, research papers, dissertations, etc. Today we would like to focus on a quite narrow subject – how to write a history essay.

Understanding What You Are Writing About

  1. When writing a history essay students are required to provide historically correct information on specific events or personalities. However, it is not just about including historical information. It is also about knowing and understanding the subject and presenting historical information along with your own opinion in a cohesive way. History essays are somewhat tricky and if a student wants to get a high grade, he/she needs to spend more time understanding the subject first.
  2. We believe the key is in understanding the question asked. The common mistake most students make is when they take the very first step in writing an essay. Before even starting to plan or write anything one should carefully consider the question asked. Keep in mind that the question should be the driving force of writing, not the areas the questions directly or indirectly point to. History essays are meant to answer specific historical questions. It is as simple as that.
  3. Make sure then that you understand the keywords of the question, its terms and the issues it raises. If you get something wrong at this stage, it is most likely you will never get your essay right. So take time to think it through and process the question. Sometimes it will be confusing which is normal, but in the end, this kind of diligent thinking will help you deliver a good history essay.
  4. You have to create a strong key argument summary in your mind. At this stage, the argument is needed as the foundation on which you will build everything. It may be slightly changed as you start writing an essay itself. In other words, you have to know where you are going.
  5. If you need to make research on the subject in order to have this argument then do so. Understanding the topic and its nuances better should help with summarizing an argument.
  6. When you have your key argument, then it is a good time to conclude the preparation by developing a plan. This is where one has to think about the structure of an essay. What will it consist of? What blocks of information are essential for this subject? How do they connect together? By making a plan you will automatically answer all these questions while defining the flow of your essay.
  7. At this point, history essay writing was all about thinking; now is the time to get down to practice, which is going to be pretty easy if you have done everything right at the preparation stage. It is because history essay writing is more about understanding the subject and preparation. However, you still have to pay special attention to the first paragraph. It should be engaging since we often start judging the book by its cover and first pages. Therefore, in the beginning, you should demonstrate that you understand the question correctly and know how to approach it.
  8. Then goes the main body where you are to connect all of the points you wished to list.
  9. The final paragraph should be very well-thought as this is the last chance to summarize everything.
  10. Lastly, read your essay and revise if necessary.

Free Example of John Rolfe APUSH Essay

Knowing how to write a history essay should help you with other types of writing assignments as well, such as coursework for example. The aforementioned principles can help any student to overcome pretty much any writing challenge in college or university. Check our expository essay writing tips.

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