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How to Write a Critical Essay Appropriately

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Do you need to critically analyze a certain issue? You must be angry because you do not have any idea on how to write a critical essay properly. However, there is no need to worry, as you are not alone in such a situation. You can be sure that almost all your classmates encounter the same difficulties when they get such an assignment. That is why the majority of them start seeking professional writing assistance. If you desire to be aware of the peculiarities of writing such type of paper, keep reading the article presented below.

What Is the Core of a Critical Analysis?

First, it is necessary to get the answer to the question “What is a critical analysis paper?” It is a piece of writing of a subjective character that performs a detailed analysis of a specific study, concept, movie, book, etc. When producing such a work, the writer pursues two chief goals: first – to explain why the author of the examined work highlights the issue in the specific way, and second – to assess the very issue in one’s own manner in order to help readers understand the matter better.

At first sight, it may be hard to comprehend how to write a critical analysis essay. Still, if you pay attention to the following example, you will see that the whole process is rather simple. Imagine that you have recently read a book on your friends’ advice and decided to share your viewpoint about it. It is clear that you will interpret the events described in the book in your own way. Some characters will evoke positive feelings, while others will arouse negative emotions only. If you see that your friends have an opinion opposing to yours, you will certainly disagree with them and try to provide arguments to persuade them that you are right.

The same is with writing a critical analysis essay. Now, you properly understand the main idea of such type of paper. Thus, let us find out how to write it in the right way.

Useful Writing Tips

  1. Make a draft that will contain answers to the following questions (later, you will include the given answers into your review):
  • What is the author’s position on the matter?
  • What arguments is the author’s opinion based on? Does the author refer to any theoretical concepts?
  • Does the author offer any solution to the discussed problem? Is it appropriate in the described case?
  • What means have been used to uphold the made statement, e.g. statistical data, etc.?
  • Is it effective to use the mentioned means to convince readers to share author’s opinion?
  • If the author’s review has an informative character, examine whether the flow of information is logical.
  • In case the author wants to amuse readers, analyze whether the presented piece arouses any emotions.
  1. As soon as you respond to the above questions, you may begin creating your paper. However, how to start a critical analysis paper? First, you need to present the concept/movie you are going to assess. Indicate its author, title, some essential details, and its topic. In this way, you will produce a thesis statement which your entire work will be based on. Note that it should be coherent.
  1. Make a summary of the author’s piece of writing. Remember to present only the most important facts. No minor details are required! Briefly describe the key points of the work you are dealing with. Keep in mind that the length of this section should not exceed 25-30% of the overall number of words of your critical analysis essay.
  1. Now it is necessary to start writing the evaluation part of your paper which should contain the answers to the questions posed above. Here, you need to analyze the chief points stated by the author and show what evidence the author provides to support each of the ideas. Then, talk about the efficiency or inefficiency of the arguments put forward by the author in terms of context.
  1. There is one vital thing about producing a critical analysis paper which you should remember. Whether you agree or disagree with the author of the examined work, you need to support each of your claims with irrefutable facts. You may provide research results, concepts or other data to show you are perfectly aware of the issue. Your own opinion is not enough for creating an excellent critical analysis essay!
  1. When dealing with such an assignment, you need to carefully examine every aspect of the chosen study or work. Thus, the purpose of critical analysis you have made will be clear. As it has already been stated, you should start by analyzing the first statement presented by the author and continue analyzing the following ones. Remember that your work has to be organized logically.
  1. The next thing you need to do is assess the effect of the author’s claims. You should find out whether it (effect) is positive or negative. Additionally, you should examine whether the author has explored the issue in detail.
  1. After that, you need to summarize your paper. Succinctly describe the main points of your piece of writing. Describe the methods you have used to research the matter thoroughly and present the results you have obtained. Do not forget to highlight strong and weak points of the critical analysis paper topics you have explored.
  1. When writing critical analysis papers, it is essential to be objective. You should highlight not only negative sides of the matter but also the positive ones. Thus, your work will be considered valid.
  1. Now you know how to write a critical analysis essay step by step. However, there is one more thing you need to know about producing such type of an academic work. Once your paper is ready, you need to proofread it. This is a very important stage of the whole process that should not be neglected. By proofreading your essay, you will be able to identify and correct the grammar, spelling or formatting mistakes you may have made.
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