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How to Stay Organized in College: 7 Best Tips

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While a mess in your room will do nothing more than disgust your roommate, a mess in your head can negatively influence your academic performance and overall quality of life. Staying organized in college will leave you with more breathing space and free time to do things you like.

1. Get a planner! College is a jumble of deadlines, social engagements, chores, and appointments. Keeping track of all of them will save you from loads of trouble. You can also use an app, if that is more up your alley.

2. Honor your commitments. If you want to stay organized, writing plans down is not enough. You have to actually follow though. Color-code them if you need to, but make sure that each of your entries has a little check mark next to it.

3. Use your syllabi. Many students think that professors print a syllabus for every student because they like to waste paper. This can’t be further from truth. A syllabus is an essential guide to success. All your assignments are already listed, and you can plan your whole semester in advance. Annotate or copy it to your planner, just don’t throw it away.

4. Adhere to a schedule. Staying organized in college is not limited to keeping deadlines. Develop a routine: wake up at roughly the same time, chose appropriate time for work, food, and fitness. This will help you be more productive and at peace with yourself at the same time.

5. Prepare in advance as much as you can. Some people spend 10 minutes every day simply stocking their backpacks. If you pick an outfit in the evening, fill your bag with all the necessary supplies, and choose what and where you’ll eat in advance, the time you’ve spend mulling it over can go to sleeping an extra hour in the morning.

6. Keeping things tidy is easier than cleaning up. An orderly desk in the evening means you don’t have to work through the clutter to find your things in the morning. And if you care enough to throw your laundry in a basket instead of on the floor, it’ll be easier to wash later.

7. Don’t be hard on yourself. Life is messy and people are bound to make mistakes. Stay organized when you can, but don’t punish yourself if it doesn’t work out right away.

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