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How to Overcome Depression and Find Motivation

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If someone is depressed, you can’t just tell them to get motivated. It’s similar to asking a rock to dance. And it’s not because depressed people don’t want motivation. It’s because getting motivated is incredibly hard for them! What a depressed person needs is to start taking very small steps. What are these steps? Read on and see!

Finding motivation: The key steps

1. Medications. Chemistry may help a depressed person who sees life as a dark place of hopelessness and pain. After all, chemistry is to be blamed for depression because usually it is the result of the improper work of your neurotransmitters. Medications help to balance these brain chemicals and let you feel better. But never take them without the advice of your doctor.

2. Professional help. Even though your friends can listen to you, most likely they won’t give you the advice you need. Just telling “get over it” or “pull yourself together” won’t work. A professional specialist understands this and will give you much more valuable recommendations.

3. Actions. Whenever you’re ready, begin your motivational activities. When you wake up, get up, and get dressed, you are already doing the right things. Are you ready for a gym? Go for it! Not yet? Then go walk your dog or visit a mall. Make sure that you look decently and start doing something. It’ll give you a great mental boost. Divide large steps into smaller ones. Never blame yourself for not doing something. Compliment yourself. You got up earlier? Great! You did your hair? Wonderful! Anything else? Perfect!

4. Positive thinking. Stop listening to your negative thoughts. You can create new neural pathways in your brain – it’s a scientific fact! Replace negative thoughts with positive ones (just like trees replace old leaves with new ones). Over time, you’ll certainly succeed.

5. Socialization. Start meeting your friends and family. Or, at least, go to a coffee-shop or a bookstore and just watch people. Even if you don’t talk to them, it’s better than sitting alone at home.

Doing all these steps, remember the main thing – value even the tiniest progress you make. Don’t expect too much from yourself. Set minor goals, accomplish them and, little by little, you’ll accomplish your major goal – to overcome depression and get motivation!

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