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How Technology Can Help You Cheat in School

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Cheating is an ambiguous issue nowadays that has proponents in both camps: for and against it. But is it simply because of the inability or unwillingness to learn the material? Bringing the cheating problem into focus, it is obvious that the vast majority of students who prefer cheating on their ways to better grades, do that simply due to the lack of time or interest in the subject. The consequences of getting caught cheating are severe, so it is up to students to decide whether cheating is worth its price. Nevertheless, we looked for the most effective technological ways to play foul.

Technology for students

1. The Wireless Earphones. These tiny earphones are easy to plug in your ears and therefore hide them from teachers. Just connect them to the phone and voila, your friend’s tips are there for you. One of the least dangerous ways to cheat, it might be pricey, but it proved to be efficacious.

2. ‘Google it’. “The good old Google knows everything!” This what you may think encountering a complicated question in your test sheet. If you are short of money and cannot afford expensive hi-tech devices, googling something is as simple as ABC, however, watch out, as it is a highly risky cheating way.

3. MP3 and other audio devices. It is a quite safe (if cheating could be described so) method to record the necessary material on your MP3 or other audio device and listen to it by secreting it in let us say a bathroom. Take your bathroom break, find the correct answer on your prerecorded files, and enjoy your trickery.

4. Texting friends. Another way of cheating on test is texting your friends the questions and getting the needed answers. The downside of this method lays in the fact that the possibility of being caught is quite high.

5. The Mechanical Pencil Method. There are a lot of ways to deceive your teachers at a test without great expenses and it might be also about using earlier prepared cheat tips and sneaking them in mechanical pencils. The only difficulty with this using technology to cheat is to get a secreted sheet out of your pencil discreetly and without attracting extra attention to yourself.

As you can see, human mind never stops seeking for ways to cheat, which cannot be but admired.

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