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Happy S.A.D. - Single Awareness Day

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Valentine’s Day is known to be a day of love, admiration, and respect. Pairs present each other common gifts, such as heart-shaped fruits, jewelry, chocolate, flowers, etc. The following day means a lot for many people.
However, not everybody has a person to spend Valentine’s Day with. That is why, single people jokingly celebrate this day to let the others know about their vacant status. Despite being a joke, Singles Awareness Day has its own date now (a day before Valentine’s Day) and is officially celebrated in the world.
How Do You Exactly Celebrate Singles Awareness Day?

Unlike during Valentine’s Day, during this holiday, single people give presents to each other and organize collective parties. If you do not want to spend money on other people, you can send a gift for yourself – quite a common experience these times. But actually, doesn’t it sound a little bit sad (not only because an acronym of Single Awareness Day is S.A.D.)? Couples in love do not really need any occasion to express their passion for each other, so why do single people need a day to boast their loneliness (apart from joking on Valentine’s Day)? It is quite easy to answer that both of these holidays are useless; however, there are a few justifications for each of this day to exist.

Valentine’s Day has quite a religious historical background that has hardly any connection with today’s celebration. There was a priest during the times of the Roman Empire who illegally wedded a soldier and his beloved (it was thought that single men are better soldiers). Nowadays, there are no real commemoration of St. Valentine at all, and this day completely lost its sense.
Whatever you hear people talking about Singles Awareness Day, it has a much greater role than everybody says. People are emotional creatures, and if you think they adore being, single you must be mistaken (some of them do adore, but those are socially distant). During Singles Awareness Day, those lonely people have a chance to have a rest from social pressure from the side of their relatives, friends and colleagues. Constant questions about the solitude may have an unpleasant influence on the people’s inner state.
A day before Valentine’s Day is the time when you can be proud of your status.

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