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Fun Winter Activities: Is it Possible?

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Winter is here, and for all the fitness-committed people, it means they have to take their daily workouts indoors, giving up the fresh air, sunlight and the beauty of nature around. After some trial and errors, I’ve discovered that with a proper winter jacket, pants, and a hat, you can enjoy the outdoors even when the temperature is below comfortable. Willing to share my positive experience, I’ve created a list of useful tips for all of you to get inspired.

Winter Fitness Tips

You need proper gear. While it is somewhat obvious that you must dress warmly in winter, there is a rule of three layers when it comes to dressing for winter fitness. It goes like this:

  • First layer – thermal underwear, which keeps you warm and dry. It should be thin and able to take the body moisture away. Good synthetic fiber will do just great, as wool and cotton will trap all the moisture.
  • Second layer – fleece. It insulates your body while moving the moisture further to the surface.
  • Third layer – it serves as a shell, ventilating the moisture while protecting you from the wind or snow.

Bear in mind that your layers must be easily removable so that you don’t overheat.

Explore the market. We live in a marvelous age of technology, and there are a lot of progress for the people who are googling “how to stay fit.” If you are really interested in new tech, check out these: Jackets with battery-powered heat elements, clothing that charges your iPhone, extra-thin insulating fabric, fashionable winter gear, etc.

Team-up. When you work out all by yourself, you can notice that you start giving up faster when the pressure on your body increases. That’s why it is a good idea to exercise with a group of peers who will encourage you to do your best. If your friends are not up to exercising in a winter wonderland, join an outdoor club, go to a hockey game, or just skating. You’ll see that peer pressure works magic.

This is a small piece of advice regarding winter workout. One last advice: apart from enjoying your workout, try to enjoy the outdoor activities so that you get not only your body in order but also your mind.

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