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Free Winter Activities

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Do not get bankrupt due to the holidays. There are plenty of free must do activities for winter holidays. This guide shows how to make the cheapest and the most impressive holidays.

Make the best festival light show

Decorate your house and garden with hundreds of small flickering light bulbs. You can use your own garlands or borrow some from your friends.

Play outside

There are other awesome things to do in our list. If you live in a snowy region, you are very lucky. Take your friends and play some winter games. There are a lot of good places for skating, skiing, and sledding.

Make your own home cinema

Cozy atmosphere of your home will be more appreciated by your friends than an ordinary cinema. Provide them with popcorn and drinks and watch a great movie. You may also propose your friends to bring their favorite food.

Develop yourself

Find some free places to visit, which are not so popular among tourists in this season. They can be the most beautiful sights of the city or even the National Zoo with free entrance.

Help others

A lot of charity organizations need volunteers for different cultural events. It will be a good opportunity to spend time merrily with your family and friends and help in creating miracles for other people.

Taste free

Try free beer or wine in local breweries and wineries that sometimes propose free tastings.

Look for the events

Local events are sometimes truly impressive. Visit different concerts. Most colleges, clubs, and churches have special holiday programs.

Relax outdoors

A picnic on the pond or at the seaside in cold season is something you may like. Warm blankets, thermoses, friendly atmosphere, and bonfire are the components of a perfect holiday.

No parties

To have a cool time it is better to play games. Invite your friends and let them bring some food to share. If they do some crafts, exchange handmade presents.

Track down Santa

Communities propose many activities connected with Santa. Look for the information in newspapers or notice boards.

Be glad of simple things. Handmade gifts and jolly games will make your mood tenfold better than malls and costly parties. Recognize the full worth of happy moments.

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