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How to Find Friends in College

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It’s high time to think of what future holds for you. The chances are that you and your school friends may go different ways. If you are already freaking out, stop! Following the tips below, you will learn how to make new friends!

Is It Easy to Make Friends in College?

For me, an utter wallflower, students’ years turned out to be frustrating. It seemed I was ready for all the difficulties concerning studying, but no one had warned me that making friends as an introvert would be such a challenge. I had always admired outgoing people who stole the show wherever they appeared, but it was too intimidating for me to engage in a conversation with them. I got completely baffled by the question “How do introverts make friends?” Here’s what I found.

Become a Club Member

If you want to make the most of the students’ life not only in terms of professional achievements but also personal development, it’s certainly the option worth considering. There is a vast variety of clubs to choose from; hence, it is the best way to meet people with whom you may have shared interests. Being involved in a team activity, you’ll get yourself engaged in a conversation before you know it. People always ask me, “Is it easy to make friends in college?” The truth is, I met my best friend in a Speaking Club. To my mind, that speaks volumes.

Look for Friends in the Dorm

Students’ dormitory is an exceptional place where making friends as an introvert is as easy as pie. Ordinarily, a simple invitation to have a cup of tea would do, but it’s not the case with the taciturn people like me. So how do introverts make friends? Well, it requires a bit of creativity. You may either ask your neighbor to give a hand with fixing a shelf or borrow some kitchenware. In both cases, it will induce interaction.

Put Yourself Out There

Try to spend as much time at crowded places as possible. Take a walk through the park, go to the library, or visit a football game. No matter what you choose, the main thing is to be among people and join in any possible activity. No doubt, leaving your comfort zone may be frustrating, but believe me, the reward is worth the struggle.

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