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Donald Trump Essay: Writing Tips and Ideas

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In the 2016 United States Presidential race, there are many candidates, different fields and backgrounds interested vying for the presidency. However, in this crowd, Donald Trump outshines the others. He decided to join the presidential race after his 69th birthday. He is recognized as one of the richest Americans due to his multi-billion investment in real estate. He is also a TV celebrity from the 90’s. Some of his signature properties include the Trump Plaza, golf resorts in Florida, 40 Wall Street and casinos in the Atlantic City. He became famous as a TV celebrity on The Apprentice, which was later renamed The Celebrity Apprentice.

To write a Donald Trump essay you can use the following topics;

  1. He is a Billionaire

When writing a Donald Trump Entrepreneur essay, you cannot fail to mention his actual net worth. His net worth is a matter of dispute due to the many business reversals in the early years of the 90’s. Trump has in many instances survived flirtation through filing for bankruptcy. However, it is estimated that his worth is $4.1 billion and is at position 133 richest man in the United States.

  1. Trump has won a primary presidential position in the past

To write a Donald Trump leadership essay, do not fail to prove that he has leadership skills and that he earlier on won a primary presidential position in one of the major cities in the United States. In the year 2000, Trump was among four other candidates who were listed in the California Reform Party ballot. He had filed to become a member of the party in the previous autumn, and he was one of the presidential candidates. However, he withdrew from the presidential race some months before the voting process, and he did not campaign for his primary position in California. But, he received a total of 15,311 votes that June, which amounted to 44 percent of all the votes.

  1. Donald Trump was a reality TV star

Donald Trump as a TV star can also add you some points on your essay about him. He had his NBC TV show which was called The Apprentice. He was featured schooling motivated young students. This show hit after it was released in the year 2004. Later on, it was renamed to The Celebrity Apprentice. Trump is also a frequent guest on some of the reputable TV talk shows, for example, The Late Show, which was headed by David Latterman. He also appeared on Dave a total of 21 times in the years between 1993 and 2015.

  1. He succeeded in business at the age of 34

Trump got the opportunity to buy an old Commodore Hotel, which was located near Grand Central Station in Manhattan. Together with other partners they were able to redesign the grand dame which later became the Grand Hyatt.

Other topics that you can talk about in your essay include his opinion on some of the political issues;

  1. Immigration

Trump had a bombastic speech after he announced his campaign. The speech was mostly focused on the illegal immigration issue. He referred to the illegal immigrants from Mexico as drug dealers and rapists. He went ahead to state that he would construct a great wall on the border between Mexico and the U.S, and the Mexicans would pay for it.

  1. Military issues

Trump stated that he intends to take the military back to where it was at the peak so that terrorists will fear America. He also supports the war heroes and promised to construct better hospitals.

  1. Foreign policies

When writing about Trump’s political career, you cannot fail to mention his foreign plans. Trump has recently stated that he knows how to deal with ISIS and can create a better relationship with Russia.

  1. Economy

Despite him being a rich man, Trump has no plan in place on how he is going to create more jobs as he promised. He has also contradicted himself by saying that he would cut taxes and eliminate corporate taxes while in his 2000 economics book The America We Deserve, he suggested a 14.25% tax deduction to wealthy Americans to help pay the domestic debt.

  1. Trump’s opinion on same-sex marriage

Trump has in many instances said that he believes in traditional marriage that involves a man and a woman. However, recently he stated that his views about this topic are evolving.

  1. Abortion

Trump has always been pro-Life. However, recently he has had exceptions for victims of rape, incest and where the mother’s life is at risk. Trump stated that this change was after listening to people’s experiences.  

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