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Computer Security Tips

It’s so easier to live, study and work using laptops or smartphones. It’s so much fun using game consoles, smart-watches, and e-books. Although, there is a lot of danger our favorite devices are exposed to. If our personal gadgets are not secure, then our personal information is not safe, as well. Let’s see, what you can do to prevent the malicious cyber-attacks.

 How to protect yourself from cyber attacks

  • Put a password on your device – it takes some time and saves you from the uninvited visitors. Whenever you leave your laptop in the room or smartphone charging in the hall, there’s less possibility someone sneaks in your files if you have a password.
  • Don’t save your passwords to log in automatically – especially when it gives access to your official study or working account, email or bank page. I bet you’ll regret this decision when someone logs into your account and change the password, steals your money, or pretends to be you. Embarrassment will be the least of your problems.
  • Limit your social media life – most of the cyber security threats come from the access to your personal data through the Facebook or Twitter account. Tweak your privacy settings, so just your friends can see posts. Try to avoid giving such information as home address, phone number, e-mail to the public access.
  • Use Virtual Private Network (VPN) – whenever you connect to free Wi-Fi, there’s no certainty the network is safe. Protect your device and data from the budding hackers by free VPN solutions.
  • Avoid spam scammers – don’t reply to spam-letters, don’t click suspicious links, be cautious. All that phishing messages and fake login requests may cause more damage than a lost or stolen laptop.
  • Install security software – it doesn’t matter if it’s your laptop or smartphone. Before you connect to any website, make sure you have antivirus installed. Of course, some of them cost some money, but it’s a good investment. There is some good free software, such as AVG and Avast.

These tips can help to protect your devices. The best security system you can use is your common sense. Consider that cyber-crimes become more and more widespread nowadays. So, whenever something seems to you suspicious on the Internet, it’s not worth the risk. Be safe.

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