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College Christmas Party

December 15, 2017 in Personal life
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Christmas time of the year provides a special mood and atmosphere for every person. Actually, this warm and cozy feeling is frequently associated with the carefree times of childhood when children use to play snowballs and have the whale of a time. During Christmas holidays, people want to unwind, relax, do something they did not have time for during their working days, and spend time with their nearest and dearest. Christmas is also a special period for college students as they want to have some fun in the college vicinities, attend some Christmas parties, and treat themselves with delicious Christmas bakery. As Christmas is also a celebration that denotes the end of the old year and the beginning of something good, many students want to celebrate it in a special way. One of the things they engage in is coming up with college Christmas party ideas. One of the great ways to throw a great party is to invite all of your close friends and create that Christmas atmosphere together. Start with decorating the room or flat, bake something delicious, cook some Christmas meal that you usually have at homes on Christmas Eve worship, and then relax and reminisce of all the pleasant things that happened to you the previous year. If you want to know more on how to organize Christmas party and what things to do over winter break, read on and find out.

Wondering what things to do over winter break? Throw a college winter party!

What makes a good winter party:

  1. Themes

A college winter party is all about a group of friends gathering together at some place with loud music, booze, and lots of snacks. However, before organizing a party, you need to come up with college winter party themes because otherwise this party will turn into the epitome of boredom. Just imagine how fun it is to organize a thematic party, spend some time on finding costumes and decorating the house in a special style. Actually, there is a great variety of college party themes. This year the most popular theme for costume parties is taken from The Game of Thrones show. This theme will be definitely loved by everyone. Therefore, devise a creative menu and enjoy your time together.

  1. Decorations

When you have a Christmas break, you have enough time to think about party decorations and plan how to prepare them on your own. Actually, decorating the house is one of the fun things that friends can do together. Decorations play a really important part in the preparation process for a Christmas party as they help to set the mood and create a special atmosphere for everyone. You should start thinking about decorations only after you have chosen a theme for the party as they are closely related. Just agree, using decorations with flowers for a Christmas party is not the best option, right? Therefore, make sure your decorations help to create a specifically Christmas mood.

  1. Music

Great music makes a great party. Although themes and decorations are important and they set the overall scene of the winter party, music is what creates the mood for everyone who has decided to attend a party. Therefore, if you are the host and you are personally responsible for the music played, make sure you take a diligent approach to creating a playlist. If you do not have a good taste for music, then delegate these responsibilities to some other person. If your guests literally suffer from bad music, they will never come to your party again.

  1. Food and Drinks

As it is a Christmas break and you have more time than usual, then simply going to the supermarket to buy some beer and chips will not be enough. For a Christmas party, it is a must to prepare a lavish feast with a lot of dishes. If you throw a huge party with lots of dancing and funny competitions, then people will most probably be hungry. Try not to disappoint your guests with food. Try to prepare something tasty and corresponding to the party style.

  1. Santa “Bar Crawl”

If you are over 21, then you might prefer a bar crawl to a costume party at home. Santa “Bar Crawl” is a popular activity among some people when they dress up like a Santa Claus and go from one bar to the other drinking beer and other booze. If this idea does not sound OK to you, then take the idea of this game and incorporate it into your party you throw up during Christmas break.

  1. Christmas Movie Marathon

Another great idea for a cozy Christmas evening is a movie night. Gather together with some friends of yours and organize a night movie marathon of the best Christmas movies of all times. Buy some fizzy drinks, chips, popcorn, sweets, and other things you like and organize a pajamas party. You might as well think of some ideas for Christmas gifts that you might want to exchange in the end.

  1. Tree-Trimming Party

Invite your friends to a tree-trimming party. Ask each of the guests to bring some Christmas decoration for the tree. It will be great if you could make the decorations on your own (handmade ones). Once each of you has brought some ornaments and decorations, start decorating the tree. Such activity will definitely boost up your Christmas mood. After lighting up the Christmas tree, think of some ideas for Christmas gifts that you will exchange on the holiday.

  1. Christmas Karaoke

Create a playlist with Christmas songs and organize a karaoke party. If you do not have a karaoke machine, think of renting one or go to the karaoke club. All in all, if you are on a tight budget, you can just search for some video with lyrics on YouTube. “All I Want for Christmas Is You,” “Rocking Around a Christmas Tree,” “Jingle Bell Rock,” and other songs from Home Alone movie will definitely make your evening. 

  1. Secret Santa

This game is really one of the top favorites, as everyone likes receiving gifts. A company of friends gathers together, writes down the names of each person on small pieces of paper and throws those papers in the hat or a box. Then each person pulls a name of a person who he/ she should prepare a gift.
Hopefully, the ideas that have been shared with you in this article are worth your consideration. They will help you throw a low-budget party that will be a great fun for your friends.

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