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Best Topics for Analytical Essay

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The main purpose of writing an analytical essay is to evaluate one’s understanding of a specific subject, provide solid argumentation, and support it with sufficient evidence. As such, there is a wide variety of topics for analytical essay as one can assess just anything. As soon as you have chosen a few topics for an analytical essay, you should come up with one that seems the most interesting and appealing to you. When choosing analytical essay topics for high school, it is important to make sure that the topics are interesting to your target audience as well and are relevant within the scope of the subject. When writing an analytical research essay, it is necessary to adhere to the academic style of writing (i.e. it should be rather formal). Regarding the content of the paper, it should be informative and clear to understand. In particular, you should properly identify the core idea/ topic of your paper. Therefore, before starting to analyze analytical essay ideas, it is crucial to gather key concepts or notions that you will focus on in your writing. What is even more important is that you should be well versed in the topic you are writing on. It is hard to provide a proper analysis if you lack background knowledge of the topic you have. Still, even if you have been assigned with a topic that is either boring or challenging for you, there is always an opportunity to seek help writing an analytical essay.

Another aim that professors persevere when assigning analytical papers to their students is that instructors want students to practice critical thinking. In particular, when writing an analytical paper on a specific topic, a student can evaluate the benefits and drawbacks of some action (or the pros and cons of some issue) and thus reach the maximum favorable decision or form an objective opinion on something. Regarding the audience who reads or listens to the paper, they also apply to their logical thinking and analyze the subject from personal perspective: “What would I do in this case? How would I think?”

Thinking and writing analytically, however, does not merely include providing personal viewpoint. What is even more important is to support your opinion with ample evidence, examples, and supporting proof. All the claims that you put forward should be backed up. For example, when you write a problem-solution paper, you cannot just make up some solutions that suddenly came to your mind. Everything that you suggest should be reasonable and based on credible evidence.

How to Select the Best Topic for Analytical Essay

  1. Make sure that the topic is not too broad. The essay will be better written and will correspond to a fixed structure if you choose one specific perspective that you would like to highlight in the paper.
  2. Brainstorm ideas and decide for yourself what resonates with you now.
  3. Make sure the topic is interesting to write on because if it is not, you will end up having writer’s block.
  4. Jot down the keywords for your paper.
  5. Research credible and trustworthy sources.

Topics for Analytical Essay about Young People

  1. Why are some teens more prone than others to engage in risky and criminal behavior?
  2. How should society deal with additions to drugs and alcohol among teenagers?
  3. Why do many teens flee home?
  4. What psychological effect does family stability (or instability) have on children’s behavior?
  5. How should parents cope with rude behavior of their children?
  6. What is the effect of the mass media on youths’ way of conduct?
  7. Does the choice of teenagers’ favorite TV programs depend on their rating?
  8. How to eradicate cyber bullying?
  9. What parenting styles are most favorable for the development of children’s independence?

Political Topics to Write about

  1. How to effectively curb global poverty and hunger?
  2. What is the most economic energy source in the third-world countries?
  3. How are economic prosperity and cultural values connected?
  4. Is the misuse of natural resources a result of urbanization?
  5. How does education level influence economic development?
  6. Is competitiveness of countries affected by protectionism?
  7. What is the effect of public debt on private investment?

Analytical Topics for an Essay on Psychology

  1. Why are some people prone to substance abuse?
  2. What psychological problem lies behind gambling addiction?
  3. How does the upbringing style affect one’s personality?
  4. How is a person’s way of making decisions dependent on his/ her birth order in the family?
  5. Why do some children become victims of peer pressure?
  6. How to differentiate successful writing from bad one?

Analytical Topics for an Essay on Politics

  1. Do you agree with the statement that democracy is a tyranny of the masses?
  2. Does nationalism contribute to more safety in the world?
  3. Why is nationalism becoming more and more popular?
  4. How to ensure rights for the disenfranchised groups?
  5. Should foreign non-political actors be responsible for supporting democratization of other countries?
  6. Is Karl Marx’s contribution still relevant in the contemporary world?
  7. What is the connection between the population growth and world’s sustainability?

Sociology Papers Topics

  1. Why do some sportsmen tend to use doping?
  2. Is it possible to maintain individual cultural identity under the principles of multiculturalism?
  3. What is the effect of single parenting on the children’s well-being and overall psychological development?
  4. What is the effect of violent computer games on children’s psyche?
  5. Is addiction a matter of choice or some genetic predisposition?
  6. Is it possible to eradicate inequality in the world?

Analytical Topics for Essays on Crime

  1. What is the effect of family structure on the youths’ subcultures?
  2. What is the role of female gang membership?
  3. How to eradicate violent gang behavior?
  4. Do mass media perpetuate stereotypes and prejudice relating to gang members?
  5. Why do some people become criminals?
  6. Is it possible to eradicate collar crime only with harsh penalties?
  7. Why do gangs prove to lack effectiveness in attracting new members?

Health Essay Topics

  1. Does the universal health coverage prove to be efficient?
  2. What is the best way to health practitioners to build relationship with stakeholders?
  3. Should the prices on medicine be controlled?
  4. Should Americans be granted the opportunity to buy generic drugs at a cheaper price abroad?
  5. Is there urgency for pharmaceutical companies to disclose the cost of pricing and production strategies?

Analytical Topics for Essays on Work

  1. What is the importance of teamwork at work?
  2. What organization or company can be claimed successful?
  3. What characteristics make leaders effective?
  4. Does the gender gap in payment have an influence of women’s productivity?
  5. How to instill motivation in workers?
  6. What are the reasons of emotional burnout?
  7. How to effectively cope with conflicts?
  8. How to successfully go through negotiations concerning salary increase?
  9. How should job satisfaction be promoted in companies?

Education Essay Topics

  1. Is school uniform important to wear?
  2. How should school authorities cope with bullying?
  3. What is the connection between school accountability and the public choice of schools?
  4. Is there a need to teach sex education at school?
  5. How do the US educational standards need to be improved?
  6. Are the standards of living dependent on the level of education a person gets?
  7. What are the pros and cons of abolishing college tuition fee?
  8. Can national curriculum improve the school learning standards?

Analytical Topics for Social Classes Essay

  1. Is the financial security of the underprivileged affected by district zoning?
  2. What is the reason for underfunding schools in poor neighborhoods?
  3. Why are some territories more susceptible to poverty cycle?
  4. Should the poor be free from taxes?
  5. Does poverty have a deteriorating influence on future earning?
  6. Why do gangs attract people from poor neighborhoods?
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