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Bad Relationship Advice with Alternative Solutions

March 03, 2017 in Personal life
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Ending a Relationship Rationally

Relationships, especially immature ones, tend to end. Sometimes, you do not know how to break up with your partner smartly, which results in frustrating scandals. Consider different wretched breakup scenarios and realize the ridiculousness of post-love dramas.

1. Melodramatic Email.  Eloquently express your thoughts in written form. Create a heart-searing letter that will make your lost half cry.

Alternative: Do not risk being remembered as a turn-tail. Take heart of grace and communicate face-to-face. The right words of separation will contribute to a good memory about you.

2. Harsh Criticism.  Mock your ex’s Achilles’ heel, making a long list of the reasons why he/she does not deserve you. Prove that your life together was a blunder.

Alternative: Emphasize the benefits of your mutual past. Express regret and sadness because you do not anticipate a shared future. Earnestly wish your ex lots of happiness with a genuine soulmate.

3. Invisibility Cloak. Disappear without any explanations. Turning off your phone and not checking emails will make your ex think that you passed away or went mad. Afterwards, suddenly appear before his eyes like a ghost to vanish again.

Alternative: Talk sincerely and elucidate the reasons for saying goodbye. Blame neither yourself nor your partner. Be grateful for the feelings you had. A simple phrase “Thank you for everything” does miracles.

4. False Hope. Lies are beautiful, but they never come true. Reassure your ex that you need to take a rest from each other. This has been done, never come back again.

Alternative: The truth is better. Explain why you cannot be together anymore. Say that your ex is a wonderful person worthy of a long-lasting relationship with someone new.

5. Curious Bystanders. Let everybody witness how much your partner annoys you. At the pick of emotion, they will lose control, disgracing themselves in public.

Alternative: Prefer a relaxed private atmosphere to talk about your decision to separate. An emotional reaction is unavoidable, but it is prudent to show patience and understanding. A sincere request for forgiveness may facilitate the despair. If you are afraid of physical harm, inform your close friend or relative to be nearby.

6. New Love. Dive into searching for a new amorous target. Visit cafes, theaters, organize romantic picnics, etc. Abash your current partner, saying that you are head over heels in love with someone else.

Alternative: If there is nothing you can do to save the relationship, end it honorably before starting new love adventures.

Falling in love with someone else breaks hearts. Speaking realistically, it may even cause strong psychological traumas. Do you wish to hurt bitterly a person you used to love? Imagine you were in his shoes. Avoid mistakes that turn into artificial tragedies. Despite the disappearance of feelings, end your relationship decently.

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