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Winter Magic: Benefits of Travelling

Winter Magic: Benefits of Travelling

Why is travelling usually associated with summer? All your friends tell about sunny beaches and a warm sea. You can hardly remember any exciting stories about travelling in winter. The reason is that few people have enough courage to do this. The ... read more

New Year's Resolutions: Is It a Good Idea?

New Year's Resolutions: Is It a Good Idea?

Is making New Year’s resolutions a good or bad idea? Actually, it is both! It is bad because most resolutions are not fulfilled, which may lead to different forms of self-criticism. On the other hand, they are good, because they can improve ... read more

Celebrating Hanukkah and Christmas

Celebrating Hanukkah and Christmas

Very often, the families that share different faiths are facing what is known as the “December Dilemma,” which means that they have to choose whether they will celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah. Although there are the families that ... read more

Free Winter Activities

Free Winter Activities

Do not get bankrupt due to the holidays. There are plenty of free must do activities for winter holidays. This guide shows how to make the cheapest and the most impressive holidays. Make the best festival light show Decorate your house and garden ... read more

5 Unusual Christmas Facts You Will Find Interesting

5 Unusual Christmas Facts You Will Find Interesting

Christmas has a long and complicated history that can be interpreted differently. Besides all traditions and customs passed from generation to generation, there are lots of amusing facts about this holiday. Here are a few. Czech Traditions There ... read more

The Best Ways How to Build Your Self-Esteem Easily

The Best Ways How to Build Your Self-Esteem Easily

Even the most successful people sometimes don’t have enough self-confidence. Self-esteem is a mindset that you try to preserve while dealing with obstacles. It’s not an inborn skill – you have to obtain it through your life-long ... read more

Best Music to Listen to during Winter

Best Music to Listen to during Winter

The summer is far behind; the fall has just ended. Winter chill is getting stronger and stronger every day. The time of big knitted scarves, cozy mittens or gloves, and surely earflap hat has come. However, during this period not only temperature ... read more

Exercises to Become Smarter Every Day

Exercises to Become Smarter Every Day

Human brain can perform stunning things. It changes all the time trying to adjust to people’s lifestyle and habits. In fact, the brain acts like a muscle: it becomes stronger if we use it often. Surprisingly, this idea is not metaphorical. ... read more

How to Look Pretty without Makeup

How to Look Pretty without Makeup

You do not always have time for that, right? Sometimes, there are mornings when you oversleep and rush into the car. In your class, it hits you that you have no makeup on! Oh no! What should you do? Just relax and note down some excellent ways to ... read more

Personal Development Methods

Personal Development Methods

Each of us feels the necessity of making improvements in our lives. The main problem is that most of us do it without getting fun focusing just on results. In this case, it is difficult to feel the satisfaction of improvement progress in daily life. ... read more

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