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Keeping warm in winter

Keeping warm in winter

Winter ideasWinter is a beautiful season, but sometimes we spend too much money to heat our houses. That is why we offer the best tips on how to protect yourself from cold and not to receive high bills for heating. 1. Hot beverages and bakingIt is ... read more

The Truth Behind Valentine's Day

The Truth Behind Valentine's Day

Everyone knows that Valentine's Day is of the most popular holidays all over the World. Nevertheless, few know the history and the most interesting facts about Valentine's Day. Let us describe the most significant things about this holiday!Firstly, ... read more

Happy S.A.D. - Single Awareness Day

Happy S.A.D. - Single Awareness Day

Valentine’s Day is known to be a day of love, admiration, and respect. Pairs present each other common gifts, such as heart-shaped fruits, jewelry, chocolate, flowers, etc. The following day means a lot for many people.However, not everybody ... read more

10 Reasons to Study Abroad

10 Reasons to Study Abroad

Experience is the most precious thing we can get from life, and our education can become one of those magnificent experiences. If we let it be so. Especially, if we choose to study abroad. Pros of Studying Abroad 1. WorldWhen you go to another ... read more

Fun Winter Activities: Is it Possible?

Fun Winter Activities: Is it Possible?

Winter is here, and for all the fitness-committed people, it means they have to take their daily workouts indoors, giving up the fresh air, sunlight and the beauty of nature around. After some trial and errors, I’ve discovered that with a ... read more

What is the Best Way to Read?

What is the Best Way to Read?

You are a voracious bookworm. You cannot live without reading. Day after day, you are looking for something to read. All of a sudden, you are faced with a difficult choice: traditional printed books or up-to-date digital ones? Each of these options ... read more

Most Beautiful Colleges for You to See in Winter

Most Beautiful Colleges for You to See in Winter

Winter outside is not an excuse to stay at home. Yes, the scenery is all white and covered with snow with brown small parts of everything else that is not white. However, in this monochrome world there are still beautiful places to see. Especially ... read more

Groundhog Day in America: how did it start?

Groundhog Day in America: how did it start?

Do you remember Bill Murray’s role in Groundhog Day? So, this is not a fiction, but a true holiday that is celebrated on February 2 and dates back to the days away from now. Its date has been chosen because it is nearly in the middle between ... read more

Problem Solving Tips

Problem Solving Tips

You will be surprised that feelings are produced by thoughts. This kind of a relation between emotional system and thinking may seem to be challenging and awesome at the same time. It means only we are accountable for a perception of the particular ... read more

New Year Celebration in China

New Year Celebration in China

New Year in China is the one of the most peculiar holidays. There are lots of myths, stories, and traditions related to this day, and it is more fun to celebrate Chinese New Year if you know them well.Chinese New Year Celebration Paying The ... read more

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