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Simple Guide on How to Find My First Job

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Except from the joy that comes with realization of your approaching graduation, there is a feeling of anxiety about the search of a future job. Now it is high time to determine the qualities and skills that will make you stand out of the rest of graduates.

How to get a job after university? Simple steps

Leave behind common applications

New graduates are usually scared of searching for their first job, because this period is connected with sending numerous CVs to all the available employers. This is very demoralizing, tiresome and uninspiring, especially when there is no reply from potential employers.

So, it is recommended to focus on quality, not quantity. Spend enough time tailoring your resume, so that it persuades an employer that you are the best candidate for a position.

Analyze your expectations from a job

Before sending your application to a potential employer, think whether you are the right candidate for this position. Are you ready to cope with responsibilities and challenges connected to your future job? If your answer is yes, go for it.

Outline your best qualities and competencies

Your strong sides should not only be indicated in your CV; you have to be prepared to demonstrate them during your first interview. Thus, mention only those skills and qualifications you are well familiar with. In addition, make sure your list of competencies looks persuasive enough to dispose the employer to choose you among the rest of candidates.

Take some rest before making each application

When you apply for many positions at the same time, you can easily lose your focus. Take a break before making a new application and spend some time relaxing. Then, you will have enough energy and concentration to devote to a new position.

So, if you frequently ask yourself a question how to get a job after university, follow these guidelines and the process of job search will turn into an enjoyable adventure.

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