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6 Important Reasons to Love Yourself

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When we are growing up, we are taught many useful things, but rarely, how to love and cherish ourselves. It is unfortunate since without truly appreciating oneself, it is hard to care properly about other people. Here are several pieces of advice that can help you rediscover yourself and find regard for your uniqueness.

1. The process of self-discovery should start with being kind to yourself.
All people, whether they acknowledge it or not, have their own hidden emotional pains and self-esteem issues. You can’t free yourself of them by trying to forget they exist or ignoring them as best as you can. Acknowledge them. And then forgive yourself. Try to focus on your good qualities instead.

2. Expressing love becomes easier with practice.
We are so busy nowadays that finding a minute to give yourself a compliment or praise yourself for an accomplishment is ridiculously hard. However, making it a habit by not giving up and persisting with self-affirmation can do you lots of good.

3. Go easy on yourself
Nobody’s perfect. Striving to become flawless will not make you happy. Similarly, punishing yourself for mistakes will not erase them. Instead, we should all try to accept our imperfections and find a balance between pushing ourselves to excel and appreciating the way we are.

4. Embrace all sides of your personality.
Even the best and t kindest of us can be cruel and thoughtless at times. Snapping once or having a personal crisis does not make you a bad person. Judging yourself too harshly won’t help you become better. In lieu, spend some time on trying to understand your true nature. Spending time alone, meditating, or even using clinical therapy can help in this endeavor.

5. Be grateful.
Thanksgiving is not the only time one should be grateful for the things they have. Keeping a gratefulness journal or following specific practices, like the ones described in The Magic by Rhonda Byrne, can help you realize how good your life really is and how far you’ve truly come.

6. Help others.
Many people are struggling just the way you do. While everyone’s journey is individual, we can help each other by being there when others need us. Even smalls things can help your community.

Hopefully, when choosing who to fall in love with, you will think about yourself first.

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