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50 Interesting Term Paper Topics

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Being a college student is not an easy task as the academic program is accompanied by tones of written assignments. Whereas writing tasks are complicated for most students by nature, some instructors do not assign the term paper topics and students have to puzzle over the interesting term paper topics to impress their professors. Do not get upset if your written assignment lacks the topic! You are lucky to find the list of the best term paper topics for different subjects!

The Most Creative Term Paper Topics on Psychology

  1. Psychological aspects of teaching children with an autism spectrum disorder.
  2. What are the effects of color therapy on people?
  3. Psychological premises in global terrorism.
  4. Men and women are from different planets.
  5. Pets as a means to overcome stress.
  6. The relationship between early trauma and drug usage in teenagers.
  7. The work of our brain: motivation, aspiration, and learning.
  8. Political campaigns use psychological tricks to win the loyalty of voters.
  9. Hypnosis: psychological session or unethical intrusion in privacy?
  10. What motivates billionaires to make donations?

The Best Topics for Term Paper on Finance and Economics

  1. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs – passed stage or reality?
  2. What to do when the standard motivation and reward system does not work?
  3. The impressive experience of making fortunes – how did they start?
  4. Intangible money – the development of technologies.
  5. Economic cycles as a useful experience: what have we learned from history?
  6. Is the distribution of global wealth fair?
  7. Regulation vs deregulation – where is the golden mean?
  8. Managing the unmanageable – the innovative approaches in management.
  9. Is the financial system flat?
  10. How to detect the rational consumption and avoid the exhaustibility of resources?

The Most Exciting Term Paper Topics in Science

  1. The unlimited capabilities of genetic engineering.
  2. Does anyone know the real causes of global warming?
  3. The perspectives of ecotourism.
  4. Farm-raised meat and fish – pros and cons.
  5. Who should pay for the research in science?
  6. Development or regress – what is the real nature of our society?
  7. The chemistry of successful relationships in the family.
  8. How “green” are the ecological initiatives at the moment?
  9. Who has to promote and encourage scientific research?
  10. Fast food society – where is the end?

The Most Interesting Term Paper Topics in Law

  1. Why same-sex marriages should be legal?
  2. Is online education the best way to legitimize cheating?
  3. Should the TV-channels and public media have censorship, or is there any correct way to protect the audience?
  4. Social assistance as a motivation for legal unemployment.
  5. Is the progressive taxation system fair?
  6. What is the value of a good lawyer or does the final order depend on the lawyer?
  7. Is the birth control policy a sin on the governmental level?
  8. Should families all over the world be exposed to “one car policy” in order to decrease global pollution?
  9. The true value of global agreements or is the global peace system broken?
  10. Is there a possibility to prevent wars by diplomatic negotiations?

Term Paper Topics on Social Studies

  1. The Internet makes our lifeless personal.
  2. Should people be informed about their fatal diagnosis?
  3. Is living together before marriage a good way to test the relationships?
  4. Surrogate mothership - a way to earn money or a sign of hope?
  5. The positive and negative example of children raised in same-sex families.
  6. The lost etiquette in business and personal relationships.
  7. The harmony of living in the ecosystem.
  8. Should children be allowed to draw on walls?
  9. Is Chinese society dominating the global societal order?
  10. Is democracy the best way to organize societal power?

If you did not find a good topic for your specific subject (marketing, religion, etc.), do not fall into despair. Our suggestion is to be creative. Read the list of topics offered on the Internet or check this - Top 17 Business Management Dissertation Topics. Turn on your critical thinking, and consider how you could extend the existing topic, or make it more specific. Try to play with the topics, and you definitely will end up with the best term paper topic that will surprise your instructor!

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